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At one point in Vanessa Diffenbaugh's compelling debut novel, her heroine, Victoria, struggles to learn the complicated intricacies of a manual film camera. The flower she chooses as the subject of her photographic experiments is a white rose. This might seem like an easy choice, or maybe one guided by aesthetics or popular preference. But anyone who flips to the back of THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS ... Read full review

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The first half was wonderful the second half was a real let down.

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Great Book
This book is great and the ending unbelievable! Thank you for including so many of our flowers and the meanings! That was the icing on the cake! Thank you!

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I especially love it when a debut novel charms me into skipping a meal or two and this book did just that. Front and center and totally able to carry this character driven novel is Victoria, a product of the foster care system. The story is told from her viewpoint and realistically reflects how emotional and physical abuse damages the psyche and hinders a person’s ability to form normal relationships. Victoria’s journey is filled with beauty and anguish. As she struggles to find herself as an adult recently released from the foster care system, she discovers her passion for flowers and their meaning. This is an enchanting thread steeped in knowledge gleaned from the Victorian Age, which the author uses to bond the characters together. In summary a great book for those who like character-driven novels with strong emotional pull. Excellent book club choice.
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