Gleason's Horse Book: The Only Authorized Work by America's King of Horse Tamers, Comprising History, Breeding, Training, Breaking, Buying, Feeding, Grooming, Shoeing, Doctoring, Telling Age, and General Care of the Horse

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Allsion & Webster, 1832 - Dummies (Bookselling) - 416 pages
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Page 13 - I am going to yield thee up ? To Europeans, who will tie thee close, — who will beat thee, — who will render thee miserable. Return with me, my beauty, my jewel, and rejoice the hearts of my children.
Page 290 - I experimented with large doses of the drugs combined. For several years I have been in the habit of giving in these cases sixty grains of the bromide of potassium and ten drops of the tincture of aconite root in a wineglassful of water, the same to be repeated in an hour or two if the head be not relieved ; but a repetition of the dose is very seldom required. In the case of ladies and others who wish to have...
Page 13 - Said offered to purchase her, with an intention to send her to his master, Louis XIV. The Arab, pressed by want, hesitated a long time, but at length consented, on condition of receiving a very considerable sum, which he named. The consul, not daring without instructions to give so high a price, wrote to Versailles for permission to close the bargain on the terms stipulated. Louis XIV. gave orders to pay the money. The consul immediately sent notice to the Arab, who soon after made his appearance,...
Page 239 - nippers" you behold Before the colt is two weeks old. Before eight weeks two more will come; Eight months, the "corners" cut the gum. Two outside grooves will disappear From middle two in just one year. In two years from the second pair; In three, the corners, too, are bare. At two the middle "nippers" drop: At three the second pair can't stop.
Page 317 - Because they are very cooling and refreshing, and almost medicinal in their effects ; but they must be supplied in moderation, as they are liable to ferment in the stomach if given largely. 14. Water your horse from a pond or stream, rather than from a spring or well. Because the latter is generally hard and cold, while the former is soft, and comparatively warm. The horse prefers soft, muddy water to hard water, though ever so clear. 15. A horse should have at least a pail of water, morning and...
Page 239 - corners" cut the gum. The outside grooves will disappear From middle two in just one year. In two years, from the second pair; In three, the corners, too, are bare. At two the middle "nippers" drop; At three, the second pair can't stop. When four years old the third pair goes; At five a full new set he shows. The deep black spots will pass from view At six years from the middle two. The second pair at seven years; At eight the spot each "corner" clears. From middle "nippers" upper jaw, At nine the...
Page 13 - The whole stock of a poor Arabian of the desert consisted of a beautiful Mare : this the French consul at Said offered to purchase, with an intention to send her to Louis XIV.
Page 403 - ... and below the hock be caught hold of by the hands, and the leg straightened out, the moment the hands are taken from it, it will spring into a bent position, thereby imitating stringhalt, as near as can be.
Page 62 - The most promising of these half-bred colts were kept as stallions ; and mares, of the same type with their dams, stinted to them, produced the improved English carriage horse of fifty years ago. The next step was the putting the half-bred fillies, by thoroughbreds out of Cleveland Bay mares, a second time, to thoroughbred stallions ; their progeny to become the hunters, while themselves and their brothers were lowered into the carriage horses ; and the half-bred stallions, which had been the getters...
Page 349 - Place the horse in a cool (not cold) and airy place, put a light covering upoii him, and give him twenty drops of the tincture of aconite root in a little cold water, every four hours, till five doses are given. Place plenty of cold water before the horse so that he can drink as much as he wants. When the aconite has been all given commence with fifteen-drop doses of...

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