Graphics and Structural Design

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John Wiley & sons, Incorporated, 1915 - Graphic statics - 436 pages

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Page 355 - STEEL CASTINGS : The number of tests will depend on the character and importance of the castings. Specimens shall be cut cold from coupons molded and cast on some portion of one or more castings from each melt or from the sink heads, if the heads are of sufficient size. The coupon or sink head, so used, shall be annealed with the casting before it is cut off.
Page 356 - Material which, subsequent to the above tests at the mills, and its acceptance there, develops weak spots, brittleness, cracks, or other imperfections, or is found to have injurious defects, will be rejected at the shop and shall be replaced by the manufacturer at his own cost.
Page 382 - Concrete for reinforced structures should not be mixed or deposited at a freezing temperature, unless special precautions are taken to avoid the use of materials containing frost or covered with ice crystals, and to provide means to prevent the concrete from freezing after being placed in position and until it has thoroughly hardened.
Page 90 - The. pitch of rivets at the ends of built compression members shall not exceed four diameters of the rivets, for a length equal to one and one-half times the maximum width of member.
Page 379 - Mortars composed of one part Portland cement and three parts fine aggregate by weight when made into briquettes shall show a tensile strength of at least 70 per cent of the strength of 1 :3 mortar of the same consistency made with the same cement and standard Ottawa sand.
Page 359 - Steel work, before leaving the shop, shall be thoroughly cleaned and given one good coating of pure linseed oil, or such paint as may be called for, well worked into all joints and open spaces.
Page 358 - Eye-bars shall be straight, true to size, and free from twists, folds in the neck or head, and other defects. The heads shall be made by upsetting, rolling or forging. Welding will not be allowed. The form of the heads will be determined by the dies in use at the works where the eye-bars are made, if satisfactory to the Engineer; but the manufacturer shall guarantee the bars to break in the body when tested to rupture.
Page 359 - If necessary to take the pieces apart for shipping and handling, the respective pieces reamed together shall be so marked that they may be reassembled in the same position in the final setting up. No interchange of reamed parts will be permitted.] 122.
Page 381 - ... c. Hand Mixing.— When it is necessary to mix by hand, the mixing shall be on a water-tight platform and especial precautions shall be taken to turn the materials until they are homogeneous in appearance and color.
Page 387 - ... greater than one-fourth the diameter of the enclosed column. Adequate means must be provided to hold bands or hoops in place so as to form a column, the core of which shall be straight and well centered.

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