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I have never read this one before and I am excited. The library is holding it for me to pick up today. I can't wait. It sounds like a fun read!
Okay book. I was expecting more but I guess for when
it was written it was pretty cutting edge. I was amused that Bellamy did not even attempt to address the issues of women's fashion. He briefly touched on men's fashion in 2000 and how it was not much different than in 1887 but he did not even guess at how women would be dressing. That was kind of funny to me. Some of his ideas are scary as far as how much control the government had but I guess if his ideas were implemented exactly as they were written, it would be a utopia.
If you are interested in politics and lots of detail about how society is organized and set up and all the details about how it might work, this is the book for you

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