Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency: Cutch, Palanpur, and Mahi Kantha

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Printed at the Government Central Press, 1880 - Bombay (India : State)

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Please print in Gujarati,or page 434 ke bareme jyada information hai to share kare

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Page 197 - The Rao can call on the Jadejas to serve him in war, but must furnish them with pay at a fixed rate while they are with his army. He is the guardian of the public peace, and as such chastises all robbers and other general enemies. It would seem
Page 12 - the ground, baked and blistered by the sun, shines over large tracts of salt with dazzling whiteness, and the air, dim and quivering, mocks all distance by an almost ceaseless mirage. Only on some raised rocky lands is water found, and only near water is there
Page 263 - but although these proceedings created general discontent there seems to have been no attempt to form any combination against him. He continued to govern the capital and the greater part of the Rao's territories, and to carry on depredations in the possessions of his rivals until his death ; and the name of the
Page 263 - of Cutch. The Jadejas appear to have possessed but little weight and to have taken little interest in the struggle. Some remained at their' forts entirely neutral, others served the contending parties for pay and although the Rao's person was in the hands of Fateh
Page 268 - Jadeja chiefs; but I do not think there is any necessity for referring political questions to the decision of their body to the extent which a superficial view of the correspondence of the Residency would lead us to think usual. It is natural to suppose that the former Raos would consult
Page 462 - the frontier, it is a satisfaction to reflect that the nature of those fastnesses and the character of their defenders are a protection to the peaceful inhabitants of the plains, and that they have hitherto afforded an effectual barrier against the hordes of freebooters, who have so long ravaged the neighbouring provinces of Hindustan. The principality of
Page 22 - The silicious ferruginous grits with quartz grains which occur both in the Jurassic and sub-nummulitic groups, and a very similar rock of nearly black colour in the tertiary beds, at Karimori hill, furnish strong tough millstones. These are also obtained from the ferruginous quartzite-like grit of a long ramp near
Page 373 - were certainly never sanguinary. They were averse to regular industry, exceedingly addicted to drunkenness and very quarrelsome when intoxicated. Their delight was plunder, and nothing was so welcome to them as a general disturbance.
Page 175 - to the inhabitants of Cutch generally, that if any slaves, negroes or Abyssinians, shall be brought for sale to any seaport in Cutch, after the middle of July next, the vessel conveying them shall be confiscated, and its cargo shall become the property of this Government.
Page 63 - stretched forth the hand of tyranny over the people of Samma, the ancient tenants of the soil. Many families were driven by his exactions to abandon the land of their birth and seek refuge in Cutch, which lies between Gujarat

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