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Love it! Yes, it is ONE author's take on the food in Harry Potter, however, she gives references to each place that particular food is mentioned in the books, and goes to the trouble to explain why she chose one particular recipe over another. She even helps the reader figure out where to buy some of the more unusual ingredients (especially if you don't live in the U.K.), such as treacle. This is first a cookbook, and secondly a work of literature. Neither myself nor my children found the reading "dry" and we found many recipes to try, and many that we loved. The commentary was helpful and enjoyable, and made us chuckle sometimes. We had a get-together before the opening of one of the movies, and quite a few recipes from this book made the evening a success! I think the author did a 'bang-up' job of bringing some of the magical world into a place where we could grab onto it and make it a little more real for ourselves.  

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