An appeal against faction, in respect of the concurrence of the present and the state administrations, to prevent the House of commons from performing its highest duties

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J. Maynard, 1843 - Afghan Wars - 56 pages

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Page 49 - Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of this kingdom of England, and the dominions thereto belonging, according to the statutes in parliament agreed on, and the laws and customs of the same? — The king or queen shall say, I solemnly promise so to do.
Page 23 - Rohillas, the minister declared, that " upon the whole, the conduct of Mr. Hastings, in the transactions now before the House, had been so cruel, unjust, and oppressive, that it was impossible he, as a man of honour or honesty, or having any regard to faith or conscience, could any longer resist ; and therefore he had fully satisfied his conscience, that Warren Hastings, in the case in question, had been guilty of such enormities and misdemeanours, as constituted a crime sufficient to call upon the...
Page 22 - He gave notice (June, 1785) that he would, at a future day, make a motion respecting the conduct of a gentleman just returned from India.
Page 44 - States from all connection with England, and to induce them to place their reliance upon Persia in the first instance, and ultimately upon Russia. If the British Government could entertain a doubt of the correctness of the foregoing information, that doubt would, in a great measure, be removed by the unfriendly language with respect to the British Government, which Count Simonich held some time ago to the agent of Cabool...
Page 7 - ... of the House as to the policy of the expedition." I retain the opinion I before declared, but I consider that question to be perfectly distinct from the question, whether as a Member of the Government, possessing the confidence of her Majesty, I should think it expedient to lend the influence which a Government naturally exercises to appoint a select committee for the purpose of in! quiring into the policy and justice of a great operation undertaken four years ago.
Page 36 - The policy which the Emperor pursues in that quarter is guided by the same principles which direct it in Europe. Far from any idea of encroachment, that policy has only for its object the maintenance of the rights of Russia, and respect for those legitimately acquired by all other Powers.'' " The idea of assailing the security and the tranquillity of the state of possession of Great Britain in India has consequently never presented itself, and will never present itself to the mind of our august Master.
Page 45 - Power which might have any apprehension to entertain, or any complaint to prefer, it would be Russia, who is not ignorant of the indefatigable activity displayed by English travellers to spread disquiet among the people of Central Asia, and to carry agitation even into the heart of the countries bordering on our frontier. Whilst on our part we ask nothing but to be admitted to partake, in fair competition, the commercial advantages of Asia, English industry, exclusive and jealous, would deprive us...
Page 36 - It would not be possible, by season of the immense distance which separates us, the sacrifices which must b& made, the difficulties which must be overcome, and all this, to realize an adventurous scheme which could never be in accordance with sound and reasonable policy. A single glance at the map ought to be sufficient to dissipate, in this respect, all prejudice, and to convince every impartial and enlightened man, that no hostile design against England can direct the policy of our Cabinet in Asia.
Page 47 - Cabinets have a common interest invariably to pursue, in order to prevent the possibility of a conflict between two Great Powers, which, that they may remain friends, require not to touch each other, and not to come into collision with each other in the centre of Asia.
Page 6 - We are called upon to appoint a Select Committee for the purpose of inquiring into the conduct of Baron Smith.

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