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Page 127 - Unknown to them, when sensual pleasures cloy, To fill the languid pause with finer joy ; Unknown those powers that raise the soul to flame, Catch every nerve, and vibrate through the frame. Their level life is but a smouldering fire, Unquench'd by want, unfann'd by strong desire ; Unfit for raptures, or, if raptures cheer On some high festival of once a year, In wild excess the vulgar breast takes fire, Till, buried in debauch, the bliss expire.
Page 151 - He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and -the isles shall wait for his law.
Page 142 - At Thy command, how awful ! Shall the soul, Human and rational, report of Thee, Even less than these ? Be mute who will, who can, Yet I will praise Thee with impassioned voice: My lips, that may forget Thee in the crowd, Cannot forget Thee here, where thou hast built For Thy own glory in the wilderness...
Page 110 - The first is a statement of the declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures exported from the United Kingdom in 1840, distinguishing the exports to old countries from those to our own possessions, and countries that have been colonies.
Page 69 - Port-au-Prince, with all its advantages of situation, with every inherent capability of being made and kept delightfully clean, is perhaps the filthiest capital in the world.
Page 45 - ... very silence is significant. The husks of emptiness rustle in every wind ; the full corn in the ear holds up its golden fruit noiselessly to the Lord of the harvest. John Woolman's faith, like the Apostle's, is manifested by his labors, standing not in words but in the demonstration of the spirit, — a faith that works by love to the purifying of the heart.
Page 96 - ... paying, by declining the use of the prescribed rites. A mother brings her child to be baptized by the priest, and receives his blessing, and pays half-a-dollar for the presumed benefit; but if she decline the ceremony altogether, or take her child to a protestant missionary for baptism, the state exacts nothing. A person dies: the relations of the deceased desire a grand funeral, and pay sixty dollars for the service, sixty dollars for high mass, and sixty for the interment, and receive in return...
Page 29 - The buildings, though once splendid, were never in good architectural taste. The whole domain, when properly maintained in the days of Christophe, must have been a princely affair, and adds one to the many other proofs he gave, that it was his ambition to be thought, every inch of him, a king ! The rooms were lofty and spacious ; the floors and side panels were of polished mahogany, or beautifully inlaid with Mosaic. The apartments were said to have been sumptuously furnished, and the gardens and...
Page 164 - There is no doubt," says Candler, " that Petion was a patriot, and that he sincerely desired the welfare of Hayti : he was greatly averse to the shedding of blood, and had often to check the impetuosity and vengeance of the generals who commanded under him ; some accounts represent him to have starved himself to death through vexation at the slow progress of his people towards civilization ; this may have been the case, as he was of a sanguine temperament, and was exceedingly thwarted in some of...
Page 89 - The clashing of fundamental principles with the details of the constitution, is a contradiction which must disappear from the code of rights and duties. Experience proclaims this truth : the details of a constitution interfere with the free exercise of the powers of government which should always be regulated by fundamental principles. They lessen the sum total of the good which ought to result from its action. The nation entreats you then to give it security for the future : you have the power and...

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