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A mulligan stew of family saga, whodunit, and social history as a woman's attempt to understand her grandfather's will leads to the reopening of a murder case from the Watts riots.Law student Jackie Ishida spots something funny when her grandfather Frank Sakai's will leaves his Los Angeles grocery store to one Curtis Martindale. The shop was closed and sold long before Frank died, so technically ... Read full review

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I read this book for a University class at the University of California, Irvine. It was for my Asian American Studies 60C class, which focuses on literature written by Asian American authors. Of all the books, this one was my favorite, I think because of the characters. Throughout the book you get to follow the narratives of at least 4 characters, but there is character development for many of the characters mentioned. It is sort of a murder mystery, like the show cold case. Oh, and there is lesbian sex. The way sexuality is portrayed is one that I think would be accurate for many Asian American families, it is not out in the open, and yet it is known and silently accepted. A very good book, made me cry multiple times. Took me about 7 or 8 hours to finish. 

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