On Life After Death

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Open Court Publishing Company, 1906 - Immortality - 134 pages
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Page 55 - ... either from the centre to the circumference, or from the circumference to the centre, as the direction of the rotation of the plate was one way or the other.
Page 40 - For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body : so also is Christ.
Page 32 - Three introduces us to feel the reality of things from within. "Instead of passing by hills and meadows, instead of seeing around us all the beauties of spring and grieving that we cannot really take them in, as they are merely external, our spirits shall enter into those hills and meadows, to feel and enjoy with them their strength and their pleasure in growing...
Page 30 - In the first stage man lives in the dark, alone ; in the second, he lives associated with, yet separated from, his fellow-men, in a light reflected from the surface of things; in the third, his life, interwoven with...
Page 84 - Earth floats along, an enormous eye, immersed in an ocean of the light which proceeds from numberless stars, and wheeling round and round to receive, on all sides, the impact of its waves, which cross and cross again, a million of times, without ever disturbing each other. It is with that eye man shall one day learn to see, meeting with the spreading waves of his future life the outward waves of the surrounding ether...
Page 36 - In the moment of death, however, when man has to part with those organs in which his powers of acting lay, he will, all at once, become conscious of all the ideas and effects which, produced by his manifold actions in life, will continue living and working in this world, and will form, as an organic offspring of an individual stem, an organic individuality which only then becomes alive, self-conscious, self-active, ready to act through the human and natural world, of its own will and power.
Page 31 - ... at a certain moment of its birth the dissolution of its former life must be like death to it, before it wakens to its new existence. In the same way we, in our present life, with all our consciousness bound up within this narrow body, know nothing of the light, the music, the freedom, and the glory of the life to come, and often feel inclined to look upon the dark and narrow passage which leads towards it, as a little lane with " no thoroughfare
Page 53 - ... and restlessness in the minds of the wicked are torments not only felt by themselves, but by the evil spirits within them as well, even with more intensity. CHAPTER IV. THE higher spirits, living as they are not in an individual man, but each living and acting in many, are spiritual bonds between those persons, uniting them all in the same belief, the same truth, the same moral or political tendency. All the persons who have any spiritual fellowship between them, belong to the body of one spirit,...
Page 85 - I shall more fully explain the meaning of it in an appendix. and undisturbed by the encountering waves, penetrating, with its most subtle vibrations, into the depths of heaven. Learn to see, indeed! A great many things man will have to learn after his death. For you must not expect that you shall take in, on your very entrance into it, the whole splendor of heaven, which is in store for the life to come.
Page 16 - As our bodies belong to the greater and higher individual body of the earth, so our spirits belong to the greater and higher individual spirit of the earth, which comprises all the spirits of earthly creatures, very much as the earth-body comprises their bodies. At the same time the earth-spirit is not a mere assembly of all the spirits of the earth, but a higher, individually conscious union of them.

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