Annual Report of the Commission on Economy and Efficiency

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Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers, 1913 - Civil service
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Page 65 - SECTION 2. Every planning board established hereunder shall make a report annually to the city council or governing body in cities and to the annual town meeting in towns, giving information regarding the condition of the city or town and any plans or proposals for the development of the city or town...
Page 83 - ... protection of the shellfishery in Ipswich. It is a public right, unless restricted by acts of the Legislature or the town or by prescription. — Proctor v. Wells, 103 Mass. 216. The exclusive right to take oysters in a navigable bay cannot be acquired by prescription. — People v. Lowndes, 55 Hun. 469. It is a right common to all the citizens of New Jersey to take shellfish from natural beds in the tide waters of that State, and may be enjoyed by them at will, except so far as it is restrained...
Page 38 - The sum of $10,000 is hereby appropriated out of any moneys belonging to the State not otherwise appropriated to defray the expenses of the State board of education in carrying out the provisions of this act during the sixty-ninth and seventieth fiscal years. Approved May 26, 1917. THE STATE OF DELAWARE. a commission is hereby created to be known as " The Physical Training Commission...
Page 6 - Upon the expiration of his term of office a member shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed and shall have qualified.
Page 81 - ... liable to a fine of not less than fifty dollars, and not more than one hundred dollars.
Page 143 - It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in or carry on any business...
Page 114 - No contract shall hereafter be made for the labor of prisoners confined in the state prison, reformatories or any of the houses of correction ; but such prisoners shall be employed by the warden, superintendent or master of said prison, reformatory or house of correction, under rules and regulations to be established by the general superintendent of prisons, in such industries as shall from time to time be fixed upon by said warden, superintendent or master and the general superintendent.
Page 9 - Upon application by the commission to any justice of the supreme judicial court, or of the superior court, the justice may issue a commission to one or more competent persons in another state for the examination of a person without this commonwealth relative to any matter within the scope of the said investigation.
Page 83 - all subjects of our kingdom of England liberty of fishing, as well in the sea as in the creeks of said province." Held, since the term "fisheries" includes shellfisheries, the reservation in the grant of the common right of fishing included the taking of clams. — Moulton v. Libbey, 37 Me. 472. All the inhabitants of the Commonwealth have the right to take shellfish...
Page 65 - ... make careful studies of the resources, possibilities and needs of the city or town, particularly with respect to conditions which may be injurious to the public health or otherwise injurious in and about rented dwellings, and to make plans for the development of the municipality with special reference to the proper housing of its people.

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