Beauty Talbot, Volume 2

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Page 129 - you—well, on your wild career." "Indeed, yes," said the Beauty, warmly. " But for you I should not be here now." A curious smile answered and encouraged him. " You have been very kind and good, and taken much trouble with me. Indeed, Mrs. Labouchere, I shall not forget it." At such and at kindred moments—as during
Page 144 - for a penny, in for a pound;" and so the Beauty, shutting his eyes, as it were, found it impossible to resist the sweet pressure put upon him, and thought it best to leave things as they were. " Time enough to-morrow to write to ' them.'' For, alas! such was the shape they were taking for
Page 218 - am sure I shall be supported—Mr. Talbot has made a great success. He was nervous to-night, and there was a reason for that. You should go on and not be discouraged. Go to London, put yourself under some famous master who will bring out your voice. Go about to parties, and see the world, and
Page 252 - No." " Shall he be told now ? There he is." Mrs. Talbot thought it would be better to delay this communication till they were alone. The Beauty entered, dull and aggrieved; but his face cleared and brightened when he saw the young man. "How are you, Hardman? How are they at The Towers ? All home again
Page 183 - what is thought of it by other people—really making me so ridiculous. Just let me finish, and do go away." Mrs. Talbot came forward steadily, put her arm in his, secured him, and looking up into his face with a most coquettish air, said, " 0, you will come with me, I know, dear. Really, something
Page 84 - of talent now assembled at Bindley." The Beauty alone did not share in the general enthusiasm. He went " moping " about—gloomy, uncomfortable, and much troubled in mind. The post brought him Mrs. Talbot's letter, and he read it with fresh discomfort. " I knew it," he said to himself. " Just like them. Think of nothing but
Page 138 - dragged on; all Livy's little shifts and devices in the way of excuse or defence of the culprit, broke down. " You don't think," said her mother, almost passionately, " that I mind his staying a day, or days even, at any country house ? I am not such a foolish creature. But I know what this
Page 143 - poor rusticity of the women—seemed very tedious and fretting. People ought to take a larger and wholesome view. He seemed to regard them more as a statesman might a nursery and its little commotions, such as Master Jackey's having stolen a pot of jam. But what came back on him oftenest was that
Page 82 - the hazard of the die. The Woods were on horseback—socially speaking—day and night. The invitations had gone out, and the rehearsals were in progress. There was Mr. Talbot—but the Woods, inspired, we may suppose, by Mrs. Labouchere, had given out that he was not to be asked or worried ; it was to be assumed that he

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