The LinnŠan System of Conchology: Describing the Orders, Genera, and Species of Shells Arranged Into Divisions and Families : with a View to Facilitate the Student's Attainment of the Science

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sold, 1823 - Mollusks - 207 pages

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Page 57 - coat, as a mark of their having crossed the sea, for the purpose of paying their devotions at the holy shrine in Palestine: in commemoration of which they are still preserved in the armorial bearings of many families of distinction, whose ancestors had performed that ceremony.
Page 92 - Shell univalve, involute, subovate, smooth, obtuse at each end ; aperture effuse at each end, linear, extending the whole length of the shell, and toothed on each side. THIS
Page 64 - Shell bivalve, inequivalve, one of the valves flatfish, the other gibbous at the base, with a produced beak, generally curved over the hinge ; one of the valves often perforated near the base : hinge with a linear, prominent cicatrix, and a lateral tooth placed within, but in the flat
Page 56 - Shell bivalve, generally with unequal valves, and slightly eared; hinge without teeth, but furnished with an ovate hollow, and
Page 112 - gibbous; aperture ovate, terminating in a short canal, leaning to the right, with a refuse beak or projection; pillar-lip expanded.
Page 196 - Shell tubular, composed of particles of sand, broken shells, and vegetable substances, united to a membrane by a glutinous cement.
Page 74 - in the Indian, American, Atlantic, and European oceans, as well as in the Adriatic and Red Seas.
Page 130 - Shell univalve, spiral, rough, with membranaceous sutures ; aperture oval, ending in an entire, straight, or slightly ascending canal. THE
Page 203 - The SHELL-COLLECTOR'S PILOT, or VOYAGER'S COMPANION, with an elegant coloured Frontispiece, and Plate of Insects. This little Work is peculiarly adapted for Voyagers in general, pointing out the Places where, the best Shells were found in a Voyage round the World, and during a period of -Sixteen Years which the Author passed at Sea.
Page 11 - recurved, united by a cartilage ; in the inside, beneath the hinge, is an incurved tooth.

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