The Sign of the Spider

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Dodd, Mead and Company, 1897 - 353 pages
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Page 76 - If there's anything I can do for you, you have only to ask.
Page 238 - There is but one God, and Mohammed is the prophet of God," appears generally the most conspicuous.
Page 150 - ... sun darts his first arrowy beam upon the scene of horror, lighting up the red gore and the slain corpses, and the ghastly staring heads upon the gateway. Even as his last ray fell upon a tragedy of blood and of cruelty so now does his first, for in truth this is one of the
Page 306 - It had the head of a devil, the body and legs of a spider, and the black hairy coat of a bear; and, indeed, it was nearly as large as a fair-sized specimen of the latter.
Page 194 - Preyer or preyed upon—such was the iron immutable law of life, from man in his highest development to the minutest of insects; and with this law he was but complying, not in wanton cruelty, but in cold, passive ruthlessness.
Page 70 - It may (or may not) have been due to the fact that he could not look long at her face. And now he wanted the conversation to end. He had "had enough...
Page 348 - Every conventionality violated—every- rule of morality, each set aside, had brought him nothing but good—had brought nothing but good to him and his. Had he grovelled on in humdrum povertystricken respectability, what would have befallen him —and them?
Page 97 - I won't be a minute." She was as good as her word...
Page 253 - She wore a mutya or skirt of beautiful beadwork, and a soft robe of dressed fawn-skin but half concealed the splendid outlines of her frame.
Page 8 - Many a man would have looked and felt shabby in this long service get-up; this one never gave it a thought, -or, if he did, it was only to wonder whether he should ever again, after this time, put on that venerable " stove-pipe," and if so, what sort of experiences would have been his in the interim.

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