Maintenance and Repair of Surface[d] Areas

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Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, 1992 - Pavements
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Page 2-4 - Permanently frozen ground or permafrost is defined as a thickness of soil or other superficial deposit, or even of bedrock, at a variable depth beneath the surface of the earth in which a temperature below freezing has existed continuously for a long time (from two to tens of thousands of years).
Page 3-16 - Oil-gas tars. Tars produced by cracking oil vapors at high temperatures in the manufacture of oil gas.
Page 3-11 - Asphalt, a dark, brown to black cementitious material, solid or semisolid in consistency, in which the predominating constituents are bitumens that occur in nature as such, or are obtained as residua in refining petroleum.
Page 2-9 - After base course material has been spread, it shall be thoroughly blade-mixed to the full depth of the layer by alternately blading the entire layer to the center and back to the edges of the road. A blade grader weighing not less than 3 tons and having a blade at least 10 feet in length and a wheelbase of not less than 15 feet shall be used for the mixing, provided, however, that traveling mixers or traveling plants of a type approved by the engineer may be used in lieu of blade-mixing.
Page 10-8 - Nor should they be used at any intersection where there are Stop signs on one or more approaches, except, under special circumstances, to provide minor movement control within complex intersections.
Page 10-7 - Other intersections where a combination of high speed, restricted view, and serious accident record indicates a need for control by the STOP sign.
Page 10-10 - The insides of visors (hoods) and the entire surface of louvers, and fins, and the front surface of backplates shall have a dull black finish to minimize light reflection to the side of the signals. To obtain the best possible contrast with the visual background, it is desirable to paint signal head housings highway yellow.
Page 10-7 - ... 2. On the entrance ramp to an expressway where an acceleration lane is not provided. 3. Within an intersection with a divided highway, where a Stop sign is present at the entrance to the first roadway and further control is necessary at the entrance to the second roadway, and where the median width between the two roadways exceeds 30 feet.
Page 10-7 - STOP sign may be warranted at an intersection where one or more of the following conditions exist: 1. Intersection of a less important road with a main road where application of the normal right-of-way rule is unduly hazardous. 2.
Page 10-2 - ... they are essential where special regulations apply at specific places or at specific times only, or where hazards are not self-evident. They are also needed to give information as to highway routes, directions, destinations, and points of interest.

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