Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Will another unspoiled Florida island be turned into a paradise for golfers and crooked developers and politicians? Hiassen tells all in this hilariously barbed but rambling expos. The richness of the satire is indicated by the fetishes given nearly every participant to the controversy over Shearwater (Toad) Island. Lobbyist Palmer Stoat lives to make deals, smoke cigars, and hunt the senile ... Read full review

Review: Sick Puppy

Editorial Review - - Roz Shea

It's probably safe to say that developers, lobbyists and big game hunters are unlikely to find SICK PUPPY as enjoyable as say, well, anyone else. Unless, of course, they have a highly developed sense of self esteem and can take a joke aimed squarely at their collective jugulars. This goes, too, for elected officials. While these arch villains are often the object of Carl Hiaasen's particular brand ... Read full review

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