The Generation Between

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Brentano's, 1915 - English fiction - 351 pages

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Page 230 - Do you hear ! bear a han' there, To hoist me on board, or to send him to me ; His name's Henry Grady, And I am a lady Come off to prevent him from going to sea.
Page 230 - Cawsand Bay lying, with the Blue Peter flying, And all hands on deck for the anchor to weigh, When off came a lady, as fresh as a daisy, And modestly hailing, the damsel did say: 'Ship ahoy! bear a hand there! I wants a young man there, So heave us a man-rope, or send him to me; His name's Henry Grady, and I am a lady, Arrived to prevent him from going to sea.' Now the captain, his honour, when he looked upon her, He ran down the side for to hand her on board. Cried he, with emotion, 'What son of...
Page 230 - Ford?' Then the lady made answer, 'That there is a man, sir, I'll make him as free as a Duke or a Lord.' — 'Oh no!' says the capp'en, 'That can't very well happen, I've got sailing orders — you, sir, stop on board.' But up spoke the lady, ' Don't you mind him, Hal Grady, He once was your capp'en, but now you're at large. You shan't stop on board her, for all that chap's order ! ' Then out of her bosom she drew his discharge.
Page 11 - ... no time to tell you, for it would lead us into a discussion on Astrology, and then perhaps to a question of physical science, and then you would find I was not orthodox, and perhaps denounce me to the authorities. I will tell you this much ; it is the moment (not the year or the month, mind you, nor even the hour, but the very second) when a man is grown up, when he sees things as they are (that is, backwards), and feels solidly himself.
Page 74 - He put his hands on her shoulders and looked down at her ardent face, where the eyes now gleamed bright and hard, like points of steel.
Page 111 - She did not know what to say to him ; she did not know what he would do, but she knelt there as under a spell.
Page 176 - ... nothing to fear. I watched them as they talked among themselves, discussing their issues as if they were of real importance, safe in their cocooned little worlds. I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned round to see Carla Standing there. Her face was more heavily made up than usual, but the effect seemed to add to rather than detract from her beauty. She was dressed in a long black coat, underneath which was a simple white blouse and a pair of tight-fitting jeans. She greeted me with a brief...
Page 115 - I wanted to scream, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry. But now I feel that even these cold days and this hateful wind and all can be perfect.
Page 43 - Avenue, dialed the number, waited through ten rings. Damn, he must be there. She dialed it again, glancing at her reflection in the dresser mirror.
Page 162 - Perhaps she had imagined herself already out of his sight. He thought of her as he had seen her...

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