Early Travels in India, 1583-1619

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H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1921 - India - 351 pages
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Page 319 - the Gadarens, which had devils and ware no clothes, neither abode in any house but in the tombes. They make little fires in the day, sleeping at night in the warme ashes, with which they besmeare their bodies. These
Page 11 - or thirtie miles, and is the driest island in the world, for there is nothing growing in it but onely salt ; for their water, wood, or victuals, and all things necessary come out of Persia, which is about twelve miles from thence. All the Hands thereabout be very fruitful!, from whence all kinde of victuals are sent
Page 31 - or other instruments ; and when he is washed and commeth out of the river, there is a gentleman which doth wash his feet in a silver basin ; which is his office given him by the king. There is no such account made of any
Page 37 - with him, and al his friends, and so they go with him to his house, which standeth without the towne, and there they leave him. Every one of them hath his house, which is very little, set upon six or eight posts, and they go up to them with a ladder of twelve or
Page 40 - his pinsons alwayes with him to pull the haires out assoone as they appeare. If they see a man with a beard they wonder at him. They have their teeth blacked, both men and women ; for they say a dogge hath his teeth white, therefore they will blacke theirs. The Pegues, if they
Page 32 - dayes without eating or drinking ; and then they bring a female to him, with meat and drinke, and within few dayes he becommeth tame. The chiefe force of the king is in these elephants. And when they go into the warres they set a frame of wood upon their backes, bound with great
Page 34 - of his present, and granteth his request ; if his sute be not liked of, he returneth with his present, for the king will not take it. In India there are few commodities which serve for Pegu, except opium of Cambaia, painted cloth of S. Thome or of
Page 43 - and is of great force ; for he commeth to Colombo, which is the place where the Portugals have their fort, with an hundred thousand men, and many elephants. But they be naked people all of them ; yet many of them be good with their pieces, which be muskets. When the king talketh with any man, he
Page 44 - be monstrous huge ; but they say all other elephants do feare them, and none dare fight with them, though they be very small. Their women have a cloth bound about them from their middle to their knee, and all the rest is bare. All of them be blacke and but little, both men and women. Their
Page 284 - house, who had such a freedome and liberty of speech that she would sometimes scould, brawl, and rail from the sunrising to sun-set. One day he undertook her in her own language, and by eight of the clock in the morning so silenced her that she had not one word more to speak.

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