A House to Let (Annotated)

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Independently Published, 2020 - 102 pages
Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-A House to Let by Charles Dickens and others.It is a short story written by Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Adelaide Anne Procter. It was originally published in 1858, in the Christmas edition of Dickens' magazine, Household Words. Wilkie wrote the introduction and collaborated with Dickens on the second story and the ending, while Gaskell and Proctor wrote the rest. "A House for Rent" was the first collaboration between the four writers, although Collins and Dickens had previously worked with Procter on previous Christmas stories for the magazine in 1854, 1855, and 1856. The four authors rewrote "The Haunted House" together., which appeared in 1859 in the Christmas extra from All the Year Round magazine, successor to Household Words, which Dickens founded after a dispute with his publishers.In a letter to Collins on September 6, 1858, Dickens summarized the idea for a Christmas story. At first he imagined a story written by himself and Collins, who would be in charge of the plot, but later he invited Gaskell and Procter to contribute a chapter. Dickens and Collins wrote together the first chapter, "Over the Way", and the last, "Let at Last" and each of the authors wrote one of the intermediate chapters:

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