The Lab Rat Chronicles: A Neuroscientist Reveals Life Lessons from the Planet's Most Successful Mammals

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Penguin, Jun 7, 2011 - Psychology - 320 pages
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Discover What Rodents Know About the Good Life

What can the common laboratory rat tell us about being human? According to behavioral neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, a whole lot. Her twenty- five-year career conducting experiments that involve rats has led her to a surprising conclusion: Through their adaptive strategies and good habits, these unassuming little animals can teach us some essential lessons about how we, as humans, can lead successful lives. From emotional resilience and a strong work ethic to effective parenting and staying healthy, the lab rat is an unlikely but powerful role model for us all.

This is a surprising and engaging guided tour into the sophisticated mental, emotional, and behavioral worlds of these frequently maligned and often misunderstood little creatures.

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A Little Rat History
A Crash Course from the Wild Ones
Model Behavior
A Shared Biology Leads to New Insights
Anthropo What?
Deluxe Edition
The Daily Grind
More Similar Than Any of Us Thought
A Prairie Vole Companion
Mother Knows Best
ThePeromyscusPaternity Test
Family Reunion
Single Rat Moms Living Below the Poverty Line
The Mother Load
Brain Stains
Running for Neurons

Will Work for Rat Pups
The Trust Fund Rats
The Rat Pack Starts Digging
Healthy Brain Healthy Work Ethic
Diversifying Our Financial Portfolios
An Ounce of Prevention
Even the Vigilant Rats Cant Resist
A View from Rat Park
Welcome to Rat Park
The Rochester Rats Reveal the Immune Systems BestKept Secret
A Final Dirty Little Secret
Straining to Understand Stress
The Incredible Shrinking Neurons
A Tale of Two Rats
The Slinky Strategy
The Computational Source of the Stench
Superheroes Emotional Regulation and the Smarts to Pull It Off
A PlaybyPlay Guide to Building a Healthy Brain
Rat Reciprocity
Kissing Booboos and Social Buffering
Rat Grooming 101
The Importance of a Moms HairCare Strategies
Mental Illness and HairCare Practices
The Joys of Rat Sex
Sexy Brains
A Cold Case from the Rat Files
Special Forces Rodents
Patrolling the Borders
When Push Comes to Shove
Psychological Warfare
Bully Rats
The HeroRATs
Rodent Edition
The Lab Rats Earn Their Wilderness Merit Badge
My Visit to the Rat Alleys
Natures Inconvenient Truth
Maintaining Our Evolutionary Wits
Chapter 1 Whisker Wisdom Emerges
Chapter 2 Building the Brain Trust
Chapter 3 Neuroeconomics and LongTerm Investments
Chapter 4 Universal Healthcare
Chapter 5 Enhancing Emotional Resilience
Chapter 6 The Value of Social Diplomacy
Chapter 7 The Perils of Bad Hair Days
Chapter 8 The Final Rose Ceremony
Chapter 9 Family Values
Chapter 10 Winning the Rat Race
Chapter 11 Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Most Important Lesson of All

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