The British Chess Magazine, Volume 16

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Trubner & Company, 1896 - Chess

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Page 444 - A player may at any time call upon his adversary to mate him within fifty moves (move and reply being counted as one). If by the expiration of such fifty moves no piece or Pawn has been captured, nor Pawn moved, nor mate given, a draw can then be obtained.
Page 282 - At the time fixed for adjournment the player whose turn it is to move must deliver his next move in writing, in a closed envelope, to the official in charge.
Page 2 - IN STATU QUO CHESS. This invention supplies a want felt by all Chess players. The IN STATU QUO board is so contrived that the Game may at any time be discontinued, and the board folded and placed in its case without the men being disturbed.
Page 312 - AND was the day of my delight As pure and perfect as I say ? The very source and fount of Day Is dashed with wandering isles of night.
Page 60 - But be this as it may, there can be no doubt that the personified Abraxas was meant as a symbol of the sun.
Page 44 - CHESS-BOARD is so contrived that the game may at any period be discontinued, and the board folded and placed in its case without the Chessmen being disturbed.
Page 30 - Q's 5th? At once Kt. to Kt's sq., to be speedily followed by P. to Kt's 3d and P. to K. B 's 4th, would have given the matter another and perhaps very different complexion.] [Footnote E: ... The difference is in favor of the young American representative, who presses it fully.] [Footnote F: Manifestly weakening. The Russian champion feels himself on the defensive, and at a loss how to continue. Thus the text move may be as good as any other.] [Footnote G: 24. Kt. to R's 4th would be much stronger,...
Page 74 - P— K 4 i P— K 4 2 Kt— К В з 2 Kt...
Page 30 - Something like a leap in the dark. If the doubled Pawn can be "dissolved" betimes, or the open file well used in attack, a safe landing may be confidently expected.] [Footnote C: More or less necessary, sooner or later.

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