English Social History - A Survey of Six Centuries - Chaucer to Queen Victoria

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ENGLISH SOCIAL Surrey of Chaucer to the queen BY G. M. TREVELYA. N, O. M. MASTER OF TRINITY COLLEGE I. ATE REGTUS PROFESSOR OF MODERN HISTORY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. LONDON - NEW YORK TORONTO LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. J FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. LTD. OF PATERNOSTER Row 43 ALBERT DRIVE, LONDON, S. W. I I CHITTARANJAN AVENUE, CALCUTTA NICOL ROAD, BOMBAY 3 A MOUNT ROAD, MADRAS LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. a 1 5 VICTORIA STREET, TORONTO TREVELYAN ENGLISH SOCIAL HISTORY COPYRIGHT l 4Z BY LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO., INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO REPRODUCE THIS BOOK, OR ANY PORTION THEREOF, IN ANY FORM First edition December 1043 Reprinted March 1943 May 1943 September 1944 First Canadian Edition, April, 1946 Reprinted. 1947 PKCNTBD AND BOUND IN CANADA T. H. Best Printing Co., Limited, Toronto 5T0 the memory of EILEEN POWER economic and social historian CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE INTRODUCTION vii I. CHAUCERS ENGLAND. I. Field, Village and Manor-house . I II. CHAUCERS ENGLAND. II. Town and Church 28 III. ENGLAND IN THE AGE OF CAXTON ... 56 IV. TUDOR ENGLAND. Introduction. The End of the Middle Ages 92 V. ENGLAND DURING THE ANTI-CLERICAL REVOLUTION 99 VI. SHAKESPEARES ENGLAND 1564 1616. I. 139 VII. SHAKESPEARES ENGLAND. II, . . .173 VIII. THE ENGLAND OF CHARLES AND CROMWELL . 206 IX. RESTORATION ENGLAND 252 X DEFOES ENGLAND 293 XI. DR. JOHNSONS ENGLAND. 1 174.0-1780 . 339 XII. J DR. JOHNSONS ENGLAND. II .... 371 XIII. R. JOHNSONS ENGLAND. Ill .... 396 XIV. SCOTLAND AT THE BEGINNING AND AT THE END OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY . 416 I. Scotland at the time of the Union of 1707 420 IL Scotland at the end of the Eighteenth Century 450 XV. COBBETTSENGLAND 17931832. I . . 463 XVI. COBBETTS ENGLAND. II 486 XVII 1 . BETWEEN THE Two REFORM BILLS 1832 1867 509 XVIII. 1 THE SECOND HALF OF THE VICTORIAN ERA 1865-1901 551 INDEX, 599 MAPS AND DIAGRAMS Diagram from Population Problems of the Age of Malthus. G. Talbot Griffiths. Cambridge University Press, 1936. Birth Rate and Death Rate 1700-184.0 Page 342 Map of Scotland 417 Maps of Londons Development Chaucers London 587 The Growth of London, 1600-1900 . . . 588-589 Late Tudor and Early Stuart London . . 590591 London in the reign of George I .... 592593 London during the Napoleonic Wars . . . 594 595 London, end of the Nineteenth Century . . 596-597 Map of England and Wales Counties 1 p, Map of England and Wales Orographical J INTRODUCTION Although I have attempted to bring this book up to date in the light of the most recent publications 1941, it was nearly all written before the war. I then had in view a social history of England from the Roman times to our own, but I left to the last the part that I would find most difficult, the centuries preceding the Fourteenth. The war has rendered it impossible for me to complete the work, but it has occurred to me that the chapters which I have already finished constitute a consecutive story of six centuries, from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth, and as such some readers may give it welcome. Social history might be defined negatively as the history of a people with the politics left out. It is perhaps difficult to leave out the politics from the history of any people, particularly the English people. But as so many history books have consisted of political annals with little reference to their social environment, a reversal of that method mayhave its uses to redress the balance. During my own lifetime a third very flourishing sort of history has come into existence, the economic, which greatly assists the serious study of social history. For the social scene grows out of economic conditions, to much the same extent that political events in their turn grow out of social conditions. Without social history, economic history is barren and political history is unintelligible. But social history does not merely provide the required link between economic and political history...

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I read this book long ago and was amazed to see no reviesws on it. It is one of the best books on the subject. I liked especially the coverage of the Dark Ages and the role of Church, the hatred against knowledge has been portrayed vividly. Professor Ahsan ur Rehman

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