Dahveed: Yahweh's chosen

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Review and Herald Pub. Association, 2009 - Fiction - 352 pages
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He was unwanted, unclaimed, unimportant . . .Until the prophet demanded his presence at the feast of the new moon and secretly anointed him king of Israel.There was no one to confide in, no outlet for the burning questionshis secret was safe with no one. But the Habiru guessed and swore their allegiance to him. The final words of a dying warrior seared into his soul: Yahweh has given you much. Take only what comes from His hand. He will place you where you need to be so that you will be able to do the task given to you."He would cling to these words for strength time and again as Yahweh led him first into the court of the troubled king, then onto the battlefield to face the giant Goliathall the while binding his life and loyalty to the prince whose throne he must someday take.

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I love this book! Such a powerful Bible story already, and Fivash has really made it come to life. I always love how much research is put into her books, and then is intertwined in such an interesting way. The reader is drawn into the time and place, and can really see the lessons Dahveed learns in his life. I recommend that anyone over the age of 12 read this book. 

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Have you ever wanted to take a trip back in time? A trip that actually feels so real that you find yourself as much a part of the characters written; so much a part of the book that you even lose track of normal [standard] time, and find yourself in the time zone of the book -- you REALLY feel as if everything is happening right before your very eyes and the only thing is you get to see [and know] everything that is coming up, yet paralyzed to stop it (in some cases), and even wish to prevent other circumstances (in others).
Because of the immaculate research, personal touches by adding the [actual] words that might have been used, as well as creating characters and places that leap off the page more than [seemingly] the usual story, Terri Fivash not only engages the reader from page 1, but by the end of the book -- even if you have the next book in the series (if you don't, you find yourself frantic and hoping that either the next book has -- or will -- be soon released) you wish that there was more, yet are intrigued at what could possibly be left to tell, even though the story seems to be all too familiar and repeated for what seems like forever.
If you ever wanted to pick up a book that not only is engaging emotionally, but can convert the soul in the process, then let me reccommend this book [and the subsequent books to follow]. Truly you might not find another set of books that you will find as having your heart touched in so many ways: you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp, and you'll cheer as you see one of the Bible's most talked about [and elaborated] character; his flesh and blood becomes so actual that you'll find yourself searching the scriptures for yourself and wondering how could so much [or little, in some places] be made into a beautiful piece of work.

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