The Ramayana: Yuddha kāndam. 1893

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Girish Chandra Chackravarti, 1893
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Page 1392 - Ravana should hence to hell, and thou possessed of virtue, shouldst not come by misfortune. And seeing that he is free from danger, and thou art in it, righteousness and its opposite are found to have tendencies the very reverse of those assigned to them respectively (by the Vedas). And if by means of virtue, one attaineth the felicity attached to it, and by means of unrighteouness, one reapeth its proper fruit, then let those that are unrighteous reap the fruit of their...
Page 1505 - What powerful man, born in a high family, takes back his wife, considering her as friend out of lust, who hath lived long in another's house? Thou wert taken by Ravana on his lap, beheld by him with sinful eyes, how can I, taking thee back, bring disgrace upon my great family? The object with which I have gained thee back, hath been accomplished. I have got no attachment for thee — do thou go wherever thou wishest, O gentle one. I speak these [words] unto thee, impelled by my sense of duty.
Page 1505 - ... the ignominy consequent upon thy being stolen away, as well as to wipe off my own insult, I have encompassed this. I have suspected thy character; thou (therefore) standing before me, art distressing me like unto a lamp before one who is subject to an eye-disease. . . . Do thou therefore proceed, O daughter of King Janaka, wherever thou likest to one of these ten quarters.
Page 1507 - Thou dost not sufficiently honour my character, O thou conversant with characters. Thou art not sufficiently considering all my devotion and good conduct unto thee." Saying thus with accents choked with tears, and weeping, Sita spoke unto Lakshmana . . . "Make a funeral pyre for me. That is the only remedy for this disaster. Being thus branded with an unfounded stigma, I do not like to keep my life. To adopt the proper course for me who has been renounced before the assembly by my disaffected husband,...
Page 1506 - O thou the conferrer of honour! Our affection towards one another was increased by our living continually for a long time. Even then if thou hast not been able to understand me, I am ruined forever.
Page 1367 - A platoon consisting of one chariot, one elephant, three horse and five foot.— T.
Page 1512 - Beautiful (Slta) lived in the inner apartment of Ravana for a long time; so she needs this purification in the presence of all people. If I would take the daughter of Janaka without purifying her, people would say that Rama, the son of King Dasaratha, is lustful and ignorant of the morality of the people.
Page 1515 - It doth not behove thee, O Vaidehi, to be angry with Rama for renouncing thee, for, purifying thee, this was done by Him ever wishing thy good. What thou hast done, O daughter, to establish the purity of thy character, is hard to be performed. What thou hast done shall glorify all women.
Page 1211 - Ravana, was situated on its* top, — ten yoyanas in width and twenty in length. And that city was graced with lofty ornamented gateways resembling pale clouds, and golden and silvern walls ; and Lanka was adorned with palaces and piles ; like the skyt graced with clouds on the approach of the rainy season. And that palace, which was adorned with thousands of pillars, and which, as if piercing the heavens, looked like a peak of...
Page 1468 - Vivacwata's offspring — the Sun — lord of the world, furnished with rays, — who maketh people engage in work, and who is bowed down to by deities and Asuras. This effulgent one, producing rays ; is instinct with the spirits of all the deities ; and he with his rays ruleth all creatures — and the hosts of celestials and Asuras. This Sun is Brahma and Vishnu and Siva and Skanda(") and Prajapati,(*) and Mahendra and...

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