The Publications of the Surtees Society, Volume 5; Volume 79

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Surtees Society, 1884 - Great Britain
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Page 313 - Any vacancies in the office of Secretary or Treasurers shall be provisionally filled up by the Council, subject to the approbation of the next general meeting. VII. — Three meetings of the Council shall be held in every year, on the first Tuesday in the months of March, June, and December ; and the place and hour of meeting shall be fixed by the Council, and communicated by the Secretary to the members of the Council.
Page 313 - Palatine of Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.
Page 313 - I. — The Society shall consist of not more than three hundred and fifty members. II. — There shall be a Patron of the Society, who shall be President. III. — There shall be twenty-four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and two Treasurers.
Page 313 - Patron, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers shall form the Council, any five of whom, including the Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be a quorum competent to transact the business of the Society. V. — The twenty-four...
Page 127 - God, to our blyssed lady saynt Mary and to all the holy company of heven and my body to be buryed in the body of the cherch off the monastery off our blyssed lady of Butley beforsayde.
Page 31 - Sevenythis' mother ; and one of my cuppis, which shall like hir beste, except my cup of golde, upon this condición that she do cause my nece Lucie, her doughter, after my decease, to be put in indeferent keping that she maie be well kepte & broughte forthe vertuously so that she shall never disagre unto the mariage to be had & solempnised betwene her & John Cutte, the sonne of Sir John Cutte knyght ; for and she do disagre, then hir parte is small, or none, of my...
Page 68 - Kyrkham a vestment, upon the condicion that my soull, my fader's, moder's, & oder goode frendes' soulles be upon the bede-rooll, to be praid for ever mor, the price of the same vestement xxu nobilles. Also to Preston churche anoder vestement in the same wysse. Also I will that a prest do syng for my soull, my fader & moder soulles, & other good frendes' soulles at the said Kyrkham, ij yeres ; in lyke wysse at Preston ij yeres, & to have xx li.
Page 142 - Beverlac' xx s. Item I bequeath to ichon of my servauntes vj s. viij d. besides theire wages. Item I bequeath to the churche of Sancte Michaell in Yorke vj s. viij d. Item to Sir Thomas Worall x s. Item I bequeath to amendyng of hie wais aboute Yorke, where as is nede, xl s. Item I bequeath v marc to purchase as moche land as will make an yerely obite perpetually in our Lady churche in Castelgate for my sail, my wife's, my fader and my moder soules, and al my good frendes salles, and all Cristen...
Page 19 - ... the seven nyght day at next aftur my said decesse and buriall that myn exécuteurs doo me to have an obbett in the church of Rotherham, wher I will my body be buried. And I will that every prest, as well seculare as religiose, cummyng therunto, singing and saing for my soill Dirige and Masses, shalbe given viij d.; to every clerk cummyng, syngng & saing, as is afore rehersid, iiij d. : and every poore man, woman, and childe asking almes be gyven for Godd's sake a peny, wyth owt any excessive...
Page 221 - I, John Swift,* son and heire of John Swift of Esington, of hoole mynde and good memory, makes, and orden my testament and last will in this maner and forme foloing. First, I bequeath my sail to Almyghtie God, our Ladie Sánete Marie, and to all the holie company of hevyn, and my bodie to be beried within the churche of Sánete Michaeli at the Charterhouse. And I will that Maister Priour have for my beriall there xx s. ; And to by a ston, to leye opon me with scripture in Latine, xxx s. And I yeve...

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