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Page 341 - Before beginning operations for the season, the crew of the boat met at night in our house to settle accounts for the past, and to plan operations for the new season. My mother and the rest of us were sent to bed. I lay in the kitchen, and was listening and watching, though they thought I was asleep. After the men had settled their past affairs and future plans, they put out the fire on the hearth, not a spark being allowed to live. They then rubbed two pieces of wood one against another so rapidly...
Page 110 - As in fair waters a man may see the body of the sun, and of the moon, and of the stars, and the very body of heaven ; so he that stands upon the bank of this river, and that washeth his eyes with this water, may see the Son of God, the stars of God, the glory of God, and the habitation that God has prepared for his people.
Page 264 - The glorious gold-bright sun was after rising on the crests of the great hills, and it was changing colour — green, purple, red, blood-red, white, intense-white, and gold-white, like the glory of the God of the elements to the chi Idren of men. It was dancing up and down in exultation at the joyous resurrection of the beloved Saviour of victory.
Page 21 - He found the legs of horses In fragments soft; He put marrow to marrow, He put pith to pith, He put bone to bone, He put membrane to membrane, He put tendon to tendon, He put blood to blood He put tallow to tallow, He put flesh to flesh, He put fat to fat, He put skin to skin, He put hair to hair, He put warm to warm, He put cool to cool, As the King of power healed that It is in His nature to heal this, If it be His own will to do it. Through the bosom of the Being of Life, And of the Three of the...
Page 19 - In the Gaelic versions it is Christ riding on an ass or horse, or St Brigit with a pair of horses, who heal the sprained or broken leg of the animal : — ' She put bone to bone, She put flesh to flesh, She put sinew to sinew, She put vein to vein.
Page 340 - Hotter is this than the hot fire of Beul.' Replying to his grandchild, an old man in Lewis said . . . ' Mary ! sonnie, it were worse for me to do that for thee than to go between the two great fires of Beul.
Page 39 - Burn them on a fire of faggots And make them all into ashes; Sprinkle in the fleshy breast of thy lover, Against the venom of the north wind. Go round the "rath...
Page 332 - ... even more so than he deserves. The same age and conditions which produced a Mill in political economy, produced a Mendelssohn in music and a Macaulay in belles-lettres; men who knew almost everything which the past had to give, and suspected little or nothing of the future. " I only wish I were as cocksure of anything as Tom Macaulay is of everything...
Page 236 - According to some people, cailleach as a period of time is the first week of April, and is represented as a wild hag with a venomous temper, hurrying about with a magic wand in her withered hand switching the grass and keeping down vegetation, to the detriment of man and beast. When, however, the grass upborne by the warm sun, the gentle dew, and the fragrant rain, overcomes the cailleach...
Page 65 - Spioraid buan. [150] SPELL OF THE EYE I PLACE this spell to mine eye, As the King of life ordained, Spell of Peter, spell of Paul, Spell of James, spell of John, Spell of Columba benign, Spell of Patrick, chief of saints, Spell of Bride, tranquil of the kine, Spell of Mary, lovely of the joys, Spell of cows, spell of herds, Spell of sheep, spell of flocks, Spell of greatness, spell of means, Spell of joy, spell of peace, Spell of war, spell of the brave, The third best spell under the sun, The powerful...

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