Magnetism and Electricity

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Longmans, 1901 - Electricity - 269 pages

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Page 269 - By JE TAYLOR, MA, B.Sc. (Lond.). With 163 Illustrations, 120 Worked Examples, and over 500 Examples from Examination Papers, etc. Crown 8vo. , zs. 6d. THEORETICAL MECHANICSFLUIDS. By JE TAYLOR, MA, B.Sc. (Lond.).
Page 94 - A slight cubical wooden frame was constructed, and copper wire passed along and across it in various directions, so as to make the sides a large net-work, and then all was covered in with paper, placed in close...
Page 94 - I went into the cube and lived in it, and using lighted candles, electrometers, and all other tests of electrical states, I could not find the least influence upon them, or indication of...
Page 242 - Two copper plates of the same weight are connected, one with the positive and the other with the negative pole of a voltaic battery, and immersed side by side in a solution of copper sulphate. If, after some time, the plates are removed, dried and re-weighed, they are found no longer to weigh alike.
Page 90 - A little pith ball rests on a brass plate provided with a glass handle. The two are placed on a cake of resin which has been rubbed with a cat's skin. When the plate is touched with the finger, and then lifted by the handle, the pith ball jumps off the plate.
Page 100 - A pewter pot is insulated and electrified ; if you touch it at different parts with a penny stuck to the end of a rod of sealing-wax, what part of the pot will give the greatest quantity, and what part the least quantity of electricity to the penny ? 8.
Page 226 - Two wires coming from the two ends of a Grove's battery are dipped into the liquid on opposite sides of this partition. On one side the colour is observed to disappear. Explain its disappearance, and mention the end of the battery (whether the zinc end or the platinum end) from which the wire that destroys the colour proceeds.
Page 10 - You are required to demonstrate the law that like magnetic poles repel, and that unlike poles attract each other : how will you do it ? 5.
Page 90 - I whisk a bit of vulcanized india-rubber with a fox's brush. Holding the sealing-wax as a handle, I lay the penny, or half-crown, flat on the india-rubber. What is the condition of the coin? I touch the coin, what occurs? I lift it by the handle, what is its condition?

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