Diary of the Marches of the Royal Army During the Great Civil War

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Camden Society, 1859 - Great Britain - 296 pages

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Page ii - The COUNCIL of the NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications. For these the responsibility rests entirely with the Editors of the several works.
Page 272 - We'll laugh, and leave the world behind, And gods themselves that see, Shall envy thee and me, But never find Such joys, when they embrace a deity.
Page 149 - ... a place so full of a grey pibble stone of great bignes as is not usually scene ; they breake them and build their howses of them and walls, laying mosse betweene, the inhabaitants calling them Saracens' stones, and in this parish, a myle and halfe in length, they lye so thick as you may goe upon them all the way. They call that place the Grey-weathers, because a far off they looke like a flock of sheepe.
Page 87 - Chichester, who had a brother, bishop of this church.* Next him another of the same forme. BOHUN. A cap, like a helme, lying under his head; no creast. Epitaphium D. Bohunni illustrissimi quondam Comitis Herefordensis. A faire neate chappel ; on this south side a bishop fairely and costly entombed. Hie jacet Hugo Oldom Epis' qui obiit 25 die Junij 1519, capda Sable, a chevron or between three owls argent, on a chief of the 2nd three roses gules. " Founder of Corp. Chr. in Oxon.
Page 269 - Majestie were, and our submissive desires now are, that your Majestie wilbe gratiously pleased that such of us as now labour under the opinion of unworthinesse and incapacity to serve your Majestie may at a councel of warr receive knowledge of the causes of your Majesties displeasure, and have the justice and liberty of our defence against what can be objected against us, and in particular concerning this government. And, if upon the severest examination our integrity and loyalty to your Majestie...
Page 67 - Last four" impaling, quarterly, 1 and 4, three fleurs-de-lys ; 2, and 3, a chevron between three birds. 1 "gone," impaling, Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or, the " band sable, charged with three roundles." These newer, in the hall : Quarterly, 1 and 4, TREFRY ; 2 and 3, Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or. Argent, on a fesse azure, between two chevrons gules, three escallops or [TREVANION], impaling the preceding coats [JOHN TREVANION and JENNET his wife]. Argent, three chevrons sable, with the same impalement....
Page 139 - ... died, who a little before his death rose from under the table, saying he would not dye like a dog under a table, but sate downe upon a chayre, and ymediatly dyed of his wounds. Tooke about 80 prisoners, followed the chase of them two miles, who all ran in great confusion. Had not night come so soone, it might have made an end of Waller's army, for our intention was to engage them, but they disapointed our hopes by their heeles.
Page 50 - Ermine, a lion passant gules [DREWE] ; impaling MOHUN. My name was Mohun, my fates like various were ; My short life's often changes makes it cleare. A virgin star on earth a wife I shind With noted splendor cheifly of the mind, Till my Will. Drew me to his nuptiall bed, Then soone by God's high call to heaven I fled, Not without hope in Christ to live agen, Set in the walls of his Jerusalem. Twenty-five...
Page 139 - Friday 18 October, 1644. His Majestie, &c. left Sarum and marched toward Andevor, Waller's forces being then in Andevor. Generall Goring raysed a forlorne of horse, consisting of about 200 gentlemen that were spare commanders of horse, beate them out of Andevor, took Carr a Scot colonel, and another captain, a Scott, that died, who a little before his death rose from under the table, saying he would not dye like a dog under a table, but sate downe upon a chayre, and ymediatly dyed of his wounds.
Page 125 - DURWESTON Church, a myle and halfe westward of Blandford. This coate, old, in the south wall, chancel: Within a flowering wreath or orle, Gules, three lions passant argent, debruised by a bend azure. This quartering, old, west window, belfray: Quarterly, 1 and 4, quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, a lion rampant azure...