Bibliography of the Education and Care of Crippled Children: A Manual and Guide to the Literature Relating to Cripples, Together with an Analytical Index

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D. C. McMurtrie, 1913 - Children with disabilities - 99 pages
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Page 36 - General consideration of the needs of crippled children, their treatment and the results to be expected. Illinois Med.
Page ix - I am under obligation to the members of the staff of the library of the New York Academy of Medicine.
Page 8 - Lazareti-Zeitung, 1917, ii, no. 15. [CZARNOMSKA, II The workshop for the industrial education of cripples at the Maximilian Hospital at St. Petersburg — twelve years of activity.] Reprint: [Archives of Surgery] St. Petersburg, 1910, xxvi. 1025-1033. DALLA VEDOVA, R. Per 1'assistenza ai reduci storpi e mutilati.
Page 26 - Cincinnati, 106:607608, 1911. Schools for cripples. Evening Sun, New York, Aug. 24, 1910, p. 4. Social and moral considerations related to the medical and surgical care of crippled children. New York, 1911. Some considerations affecting the primary education of crippled children, together with a survey of the historical development and present status of care for cripples. New York City, 1910.
Page 81 - Report of the meeting of the section on orthopedic surgery of the New York Academy of Medicine.
Page 29 - In 1912, he told the story of 'a crippled boy raised from absolute dependence and given an education'. Unusually for the day, he advocated the non-residential system and laid out both the ethical and the practical principles involved in the 'restoration of crippled children to places as useful members of the community'.
Page 7 - Address before the medical committee of the Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed Children (Boston).
Page 8 - Deutsch: Die heute nach Geltung ringenden pädagogischen Prinzipien in ihrer Bedeutung für die Krüppelanstalten.
Page 78 - Public clinic for cripples and what it revealed in an Ohio town.
Page 29 - The permanent betterment of the crippled child; an essay on the operation of the non-residential system of education and care, the social principles involved, and the restoration of crippled children to places as useful members of the community. An account of the work of the Association for the Aid of Crippled Children. New York, 1911.

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