"The Shop": The Story of the Royal Military Academy

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Page 1 - To our right trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and councillor, John Duke of Montagu, Master-General of Our Ordnance. Carbines. Pairs of Pistols. Bayonets. Earl of Hartford's .... 84 80 General Honey wood's ..29 21 Hajor-Generul Eland's . . 33 16 43 " ( CXIX. ) Chapter XX., par. 16. INDENTURE' FROM A COLONEL OF A REGIMENT FOR ARMS ISSUED TO HIM.
Page 38 - Sewalik fossils was prepared and presented by the Court of Directors of the East India Company to the principal museums in Europe. Under the patronage of the Government and of the East India House an illustrated work was also brought out, entitled
Page 107 - ... mathematics, the latter under Professor Sylvester, a splendid mathematician, but totally incapable of teaching cadets. As a natural result, order was usually badly kept in his Academy, and sundry measures of annoying him were indulged in with success by the cadets. One plan which was occasionally tried, was for a large number of them to drop down behind their desks. Sylvester would suddenly awake from the solution of some abstruse problem and see the class-room half empty. This made him rush...
Page 45 - Academy ; and it found deficient in any of these preparatory parts of learning will be rejected. 4. The above qualifications are indispensable at the time of examination, but the future studies of each candidate will be very materially forwarded, with a view of obtainiug a commission.
Page 3 - His Grace the late John, Duke of Montagu, was Master-General of the Ordnance; to him the chief master of the Academy reported the first of every month what progress the cadets, non-commissioned officers and private men who were his pupils made, and in what way they distinguished themselves most; the names of the officers who attended were likewise carried to his Grace by the chief master. At this time the Regiment of Artillery consisted of seven companies only, and five cadets to each company. They...
Page 85 - Adam Lindsay Gordon, poet and stockrider, was also a cadet in those days. He was the exact opposite of Charles Gordon — a dreamy lad, with a far-off look in his eyes, indicative perhaps of the touching and semi-philosophical bush ballads, so dear to every Australian heart, redolent as they are of fatalism and wattle blossoms, though scarcely indicative of the man who beat
Page 3 - ... Ordnance, to him the chief Master of the Academy reported the first of every month what progress the Cadets, NonCommissioned Officers, and Private men, who were his Pupils, made, and in what manner they distinguished themselves most ; the names of the Officers who attended was likewise carried to his Grace by the chief Master.
Page 41 - ... festive scene ; but there were sunny hearts, and bright faces ; and as the Horse Artillery guns boomed forth their welcome, and the band of the Lancers struck up the ever animating " conquering hero " tune, and each regiment in succession, as the column passed on, saluted their long absent comrades, the heart must have been a dull one that did not acknowledge that there is something of a bright side even to the picture of war.
Page 213 - His personality and loyal friendship will long be remembered by those who were fortunate enough to be associated with him.
Page 85 - Gordon (us he was always called by his numerous friends), who, putting down his head, butted with it, and catching the corporal in the pit of his stomach, not only sent him down the stairs, but through the glass door beyond. The corporal jumped up, and Charlie Gordon was placed in confinement and nearly dismissed. He was, however, allowed to remain, though deprived of all his honours, and the captain of the cadet company (Eardley-Wilmot) predicted that he would never make an officer.

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