The Life of Nelson

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Henry Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton, 1861 - Admirals - 245 pages

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Page 376 - bless you, Hardy !" And Hardy then left him, for ever. Nelson now desired to be turned upon his right side, and said : " I wish I had not left the deck; for I shall soon be gone." Death was, indeed, rapidly approaching. He said to the chaplain: " Doctor, I have not been a great sinner;
Page 104 - must be contented : we have done very well." " Now," said Nelson, " had we taken ten sail, and allowed the eleventh to escape, when it had been possible to have got at her, I could never have called it well done.
Page 170 - numbers, both in ships, guns, and men, was in favour of the French. They had thirteen ships of the line and four frigates, carrying 1196 guns, and 11,230 men. The English had the same number of ships of the line, and one fifty-gun ship, carrying 1012 guns and 8068 men. The English ships were all
Page 362 - 1805.— Then in sight of the combined fleets of France and Spain, distant about ten miles. " Whereas the eminent services of Emma Hamilton, widow of the Eight Honourable Sir William Hamilton, have been of the very greatest service to my king and
Page 279 - Damn the signal! Keep mine for closer battle flying! That's the way I answer such signals! Nail mine to the mast!" Admiral Graves, who was so situated that he could not discern what was done on board the Elephant, disobeyed Sir Hyde's signal in like manner: whether by
Page 354 - served his country with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his strength; and, therefore, they loved him as truly and as fervently as he loved England. They pressed upon the parapet, to gaze after him when his barge pushed off, and he was returning their cheers by waving his hat. The sentinels, who endeavoured to prevent them from trespassing upon this
Page 58 - One of his officers, one day, in speaking of the restraint which he was thus compelled to suffer, happened to use the word pity ! " Pity!" exclaimed Nelson: " Pity! did you say ? I shall live, sir, to be envied! and to that point I shall always direct my course." Eight weeks he remained under this state of duresse,

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