Sketch of the Politics of France, 1793-94, Volume 3

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Page 86 - Shelter in the depths of caverns, after the conflagration of their habitations, on the ruins of which placards were fixed, forbidding any perfon to approach the fpot. The hollow 'cliffs re-echoed the moans of the widow and the orphan. Two hundred and eighty young men of Bedouin who had flown to the frontier...
Page 7 - Nothing so true as what you once let fall, "Most women have no characters at all.
Page 103 - She was conftantly followed in her ramblings by her faithful fervant, who never loft fight of her a fingle moment, and who retains in her memory many a mournful complaint of her difordered mind, many a wild expreffion of defpair. She often retired to a fmall nook near the torrent, where her uncle had placed a feat, and where he ufually palled fome hours of the day.
Page 87 - ... their parents. Thofe gallant young foldiers will return to their native village, their brows bound with the laurels of valour. Alas ! they will find their native village but one fad heap of ruins!—in vain they will call upon the tender names of father...
Page 96 - ... on the mind with uncontrollable vehemence ; and mademoifelle de M—, after having long embraced her uncle with an agony that choked all utterance, at length pronounced, in the accents of defpair, -the names of father and of mother. M. de M—•— endeavoured to fupply to his unfortunate niece the place of the parents...
Page 97 - Monf. de M— , who, after having repeatedly expofed his life during a long and perilous campaign in the fervice of his country, returned to find his uncle facrificed, his aunt dead, his father an exile, and his home burnt.
Page 108 - M paffed the night at the grave of Adelaide. Marianne followed him thither, and humbly entreated him to return to the houfe. He pointed to the new-laid earth, and waved his hand as if he wifhed her to depart, and leave his meditations uninterrupted. The next morning at break of day he entered the houfe, and called for Mar rianne.
Page 91 - ... has fallen unpitied and unknown. Some of the martyrs of Maignet's tyranny have however found a ' fad hiftorian of the penfive plain ;' and the fate of Monf. de M 's family, which I have heard related much in detail by an...
Page 87 - ... in the foothing blifs which, after abfence, belongs to home !—alas ! their homes are levelled with the ground; they will find no fpot upon which to repofe their wearied limbs but the graves...
Page 102 - Some of the foldiers brutifhly propofed conducting her alfo to the tribunal ; but the leader of the band, whether touched by her diftrefs, or fearful that her defpair would be troublefome on the way, perfuaded them to leave her behind. She was dragged from her uncle, and locked in a chamber, from whence her fhrieks were heard by the unfortunate old man till he had pafled the narrow cleft of the valley, which he was deftined to behold no more.

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