Travels in America performed in 1806: for the purpose of exploring the rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio, and Mississippi, and ascertaining the produce and condition of their banks and vicinity, Volume 3

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R. Phillips, 1808 - Mississippi River Valley
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Page 39 - and is held to this day, as the emblem of a great, noble, and liberal mind. When the Indians speak of a warrior who soars above the multitude in person and endowments, they say, " he is like the eagle, who destroys his enemies and gives protection and abundance to the weak of his own tribe.
Page 19 - every visitor. The floor is very remarkable ; it is level through the whole length of its centre, and rises to the sides in stone grades, in the manner of seats in the pit of a theatre. On a diligent scrutiny of the walls, I could plainly discern that the Indians, at
Page 16 - house for entertainment." The novelty of such a tavern induced almost all boats descending the river to call and stop for refreshment and amusement. Attracted by these circumstances, several idle characters took up their abode at the cave, after which it continually resounded with the shouts of the licentious, the clamour of
Page 166 - good; is the Great Spirit, he rides high to behold us. Tis he who causes all things to augment and to act. He even now stands for a moment to hearken to us. " Courage ! nations, courage! The Great Spirit now above our heads, will make us vanquish our enemies; he will cover our fields with corn, and
Page 17 - and large rewards were offered for the discovery of the perpetrators of such unparalleled crimes. It soon came out that Wilson with an organized party of forty-five men was the cause of such waste of blood and treasure; that he had a station at
Page 270 - of gold-gauze braided in with diamonds, or else chains of gold and pearls twisted in and out through a profusion of fine black hair, which produces a pleasing effect. The bosom is covered with solitaires, composed of every different kind of jewels. Notwithstanding the beauty and wealth of these women,
Page 164 - visible and invisible, and who daily makes them visible and invisible ! " Great Spirit! master of every other spirit, good or bad, command the good to be favorable to us, and deter the bad from the commission of evil! " Oh ! Grand Spirit! preserve the strength and courage of our warriors, and augment their number, that they may resist the oppression of
Page 17 - their people never came back. Several families and respectable men who had gone down the river were never more heard of, and the losses became so frequent that it raised at length a cry of individual and general distress. This naturally led to
Page 167 - light can thus gloriously shine out." This was followed by dancing and hymns, which continued from two to three hours, at the conclusion of which, dinners were served and eaten with great demonstrations of mirth and hilarity. I dined in a circle of chiefs on a barbecued hog and venison, very well stewed, and was perfectly pleased
Page 166 - is the literal translation of the mid-day address. " Courage! Nations, courage! the Great Spirit looks down upon- us from his highest seat, and by his lustre, appears content with the children of his own power and greatness. " Grand Spirit! how great are his works, and how beautiful are they! "He is good; is the Great

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