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Good reasoning and bad reasoning mixed into an annoying hodge-podge. His argument that we use ESP to do mathematics is flat out wrong. The human mind has the power to abstract from the concrete - you don't need to add a fairy tale like ESP to explain it. (It seems he's using Plato's Myth of the Cave to explain math instead of empirical objects.)
I can take the boilerplate atheism, nothing new there.
There is a total lack of moral perspective or consideration that makes many of his arguments seem weird, or perhaps I should say one-dimensional.
And his proof that prime numbers are infinite makes sense at first (multiplying primes and then adding 1 would generate another prime number by making the primes multiplied together an odd number), but what if that odd number is a 5? Then the proof fails. I could not find any sure way around this, but perhaps some mathematician with more than my meager skills could.

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This is a general introduction to mathematical economics which also tries to simplify answers to “…the big questions of philosophy: Where did the universe come from? Why is there something instead of nothing? How is knowledge possible? What justifies a belief? How can we tell right from wrong, and good from evil? How should we live our lives?” An economists’ golden rule (EGR) is proposed to compare cost-benefits for both others and self. Frank Ramsey is author’s favorite philosopher. Also recommends Tegmark’s paper on “The Mathematical Universe” where physics is mathematics and human-semantic-type baggage, able to show isomorphism between external reality and mathematical structures. Some discussion of consciousness and AI emphasizes Dennett. The book does not cover controversial topics and the blog characterizes the recent crisis as “just another bank run, pure and simple”. Reader would seek additional sources for topics such as behavioral economics, emotions, history and types of philosophies, analysis of scarcity, investing, ecommerce, debt or solutions for alternative economics. 

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