New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation, Volume 1

Front Cover
William Richard Cutter
Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1914 - New England
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Page 233 - We whose names are underwritten do here solemnly in the presence of Jehovah, incorporate ourselves into a Bodie Politick, and as he shall help, will .submit our persons, lives and estates unto our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and to all those perfect and most absolute laws of his given us in his holy word of truth, to be guided and judged thereby.
Page 146 - June, 1882, when he was graduated to the College of the City of New York, from which he was graduated with...
Page 54 - We, the subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage and promise that we will, to the utmost of our power, at the risque of our lives and fortunes, with arms oppose the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and armies against the United American Colonies.
Page iv - Moreover, I do solemnly bind myself, in the sight of God, that, when I shall be called to give my voice touching any such matter of th,is state wherein freemen are to deal, I will give my vote and suffrage as I shall judge in mine own conscience may best conduce and tend to the public weal of the body, without respect of persons or favor of any man. So help me God, in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Page x - Day, some unknown Hands, threw a fired Granado into the Chamber where my Kinsman lay, and which uses to be my Lodging-Room. The Weight of the Iron Ball alone, had it fallen upon his Head, would have been enough to have done Part of the Business designed.
Page 490 - He is a member of the County and State medical societies and the American Medical Association.
Page 192 - Legislature, and was a member of the Convention that adopted the Constitution of the United States."— The Charleston Courier, Wednesday, January 28, 1835.
Page 394 - We whose names are hereunder, desirous to inhabit in the town of Providence, do promise to subject ourselves in active or passive obedience to all such orders or agreements as shall be made for public good of the body, in an orderly way, by the major assent of the present inhabitants, masters of families, incorporated together into a town fellowship, and such others whom they shall admit unto them, only in civil things.
Page 151 - College, not willing that the country should suffer the loss of so valuable a man, " on November 2, 1654, deputed Mr. Richard Mather and Mr. Norton to tender to him the place of President, with the stipend of one hundred pounds, to be paid out of the county treasury, and also to signify to him, that it is expected and desired that he forbear to disseminate or publish any tenets concerning immersion baptism, and the celebration of the Lord's Supper in the evening, or to expose the received doctrine...

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