Thomas of Erceldoune, Volume 2

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Page 88 - By-fore ye war so blake and gray ! I pray you that ye wyll me say, Lady, yf thy wyll be, Why ye war so blake and gray, Ye said it was because of me.
Page 135 - ... destruction continually, when they fight above in the aire, they labour both especially for this one thing, that the one might ascend and be above the other, now, if the hawk getteth the upper place, he overthroweth and vanquisheth the heron with a marvellous earnest flight; but if the heron get above the hawk, then with his dung he defileth the hawk, and so destroyeth him, for his dung is a poison to the hawk, rotting and putrifying his feathers.
Page 85 - Thi saule gose to the fyre of helle ; It comes neuer owte or Domesdaye, Bot ther in payne ay for to duelle. " Thomas, sothely, I the hyghte, Come lygge thyn hede down on my knee, MO And ' thou ' sail se the fayreste syghte, That euer sawe man of thi contree.
Page 88 - For sothe and I had not been so, Sertayne sothe I shall the tell, Me had been as good to goo To the brynnyng fyre of hell. My lorde is so fers and fell, That is kyng of this contre. And full sone he wold have the smell Of the defaute I did with the...
Page 83 - ... flight p. 218 above. other country. After they had lain together seven times, all her lustrous beauty vanished away. But she told him to take leave of sun and moon and the leaves of the trees, for this twelvemonth he was to go with her and see "medillerthe" no more: Scho ledde hym in at Eldonehill Undirnethe a derne lee, Whare it was dirke als mydnyght myrke And ever water till his knee. The montenans of dayes three He herd hot swoghynge of pe flode . . .1M She led him to a fair "herbere...
Page 82 - On every syde he lokyde abowete, He sau he myght no whare fle, Sche woxe so grym and so stowte, The dewyll...
Page 88 - Nowe ye bene so fayre and whyte By fore ye war so blake and gray (240) I pray you that ye wyll me say Lady yf thy wyll be Why ye war so blake and gray Ye said it was be cause of me...
Page 84 - Vndir nethe a derne lee ; Whare it was dirk as mydnyght myrke, And euer the water till his knee. The montenans of dayes three, He herd bot swoghyne of the flode ; 120 At the laste, he sayde, " full wa es mee ! Almaste I dye, for fawte of fude.
Page 75 - I salle 3ow telle als trewe a tale Als ever was herde by nyghte or daye ; And the maste mervelle, for-owttyne naye, That ever was herde by-fore or syene, And, therfore, pristly I jow praye That 3e wille of 3oure talking blyne.

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