Topographic Development of the Klamath Mountains

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - Geology - 69 pages
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Page 268 - Georgia, named from the crossing of two ways or roads. Wayland; town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, named for Francis Wayland. Wayland; village in Steuben County, New York, named for Rev. Francis Wayland, of Rhode Island. Waymansville; village in Bartholomew County, Indiana, named for Charles L.
Page 339 - B 199. Geology and water resources of the Snake River Plains of Idaho, by IC Russell.
Page 103 - Elk ins, town in Randolph County, West Virginia, named for Senator SB Elkins. Elko; county in Nevada. The origin of this name is not certain, for according to some it is an Indian word, and according to others was so named on account of the abundance of elk found there.
Page 80 - Coney; island at the extremity of Long Island, New York, which is said by some to have been so named because of the numbers of rabbits there. Another theory ascribes it to the winds having driven the sand into truncated cones. It appears, however, to have been originally called Congu, which may suggest another derivation.
Page 147 - Jerseyville; city in Jersey County, Illinois, named from the State of New Jersey. Jerusalem; town in Yates County, New York, named from the city of Palestine. Jessamine; county and creek in Kentucky, named for Jessamine Douglass, the daughter of an early settler. Jessup; village in Antelope County, .Nebraska, named for ex-Governor Jessup, of Iowa. Jesup; town in Buchanan County, Iowa, named for Morris K. Jesup, of New York. Jetmore; city in llodgeman County, Kansas, named for Col.
Page 64 - There is the ordinary smooth-surfaced lava called pahoehoe, the term signifying having a satin-like aspect. The surface of the lava cooled as it flowed. Through one means and another the surface is usually uneven, being often wrinkled, twisted, ropy, billowy, hummocky, knobbed, and often fractured The other most prominent kind of lava stream is the aa. The aa streams have no upper flow-like surface; they are beds of broken...
Page 227 - County, Kentucky, named for Gen. William Russell. Russell; village in St. Lawrence County, New York, named for Russell Atwater, its original proprietor. Russellville; village in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, named for the Russell family, prominent in the business interests of the vicinity. Russian River; township in Sonoma County, California, on a river of the same name, so named because a Russian settlement was early located here. [Rutherford; counties in North Carolina and Tennessee; JRutherfordton;...
Page 30 - halfway place," or " the place between." Ashtabula; county, river, and city in Ohio, and village in Barnes County, North Dakota, -An Indian word, meaning " fish river." Ashuelot; river and village in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. An Indian word, meaning "collection of many waters.
Page 271 - Wheatland; borough in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, named for the estate of the Hon. James Buchanan. Wheeler; mountain in Nevada, named for Capt. George M. Wheeler. Wheeler; town in Steuben County, New York, named for Capt. Silas Wheeler, the first settler. Wheeler; county in Oregon, named for HH Wheeler, first mail carrier between The Dalles and Canyon City. Wheeler; county in Texas, named for Royal T. Wheeler, former chief justice of the State supreme court. Wheeling; city in West Virginia, so named...
Page 46 - great hills." Blue Mounds; village in Dane County, Wisconsin, named from mounds appearing blue in the distance. Blue Mountain; town in Tippah County, Mississippi, named from a large bluish hill near the site. Blue Ridge ; the most eastern of the principal ridges of the Appalachian chain of mountains, so called from the hue which frequently envelopes its distant summits.

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