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Fateful Decisions is a historical fiction written by the author Trevor D'Silva. Rachel Johnson is the main character of the story. Story is set in 1915. Rachel met two men Rudolph Holzmann (Rudy) and Fredrick Johnson (Fred). Rudy found Rachel's bracelet which she lost. When he saw her, he introduced himself and Fred to her.
Torpedo struck Lusitania and it sank. Luckily, Fred, Rudy and Rachel survived. Later, Rachel received marriage proposals from Fred and then from Rudy. Rudy has saved Rachel's life and is good looking. On the other hand, Fred is financially stable. Aunt Victoria told Rachel that she should accept Fred's proposal as the man is financially stable. Rachel accepted Fred's proposal. Has she made the wrong choice? How her decision gonna affect her life and of her people?
There are very few novels that has the power to hook the readers from the first page. I rarely enjoy historical fiction novels but Trevor has written such a captivating story that one couldn't put this book down without finishing it. Cover of the book is nice with a suitable title. I have fallen in love with Trevor's writing. Historical fiction lovers couldn't afford to miss to read this book.

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