How to Get Anything on Anybody, Book 3

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Intelligence Here, Ltd., Jan 15, 2003 - Reference - 580 pages
The world's only hands-on guide to electronic, surveillance, people tracking and asset discovery. How to do it, how to protect yourself from those who would. Used by all major intelligence agencies, now available to the public. People tracking to computer violating. The best of the worst. Or, perhaps the worst of the best. How to track, trace, and investigate anyone, anywhere, anytime. Uncover hidden assets and agendas, build a dossier, put together anyone's background. Used by the FBI as a training manual, How To, Book 3, teaches you the inside secrets of surveillance, people tracking, asset discovery, electronic and physical surveillance. Let the world's top experts, including the FBI and the KGB teach you hands-on surveillance, people tracking, asset location and rock turning. Nothing else like it on the planet.

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I have read about eight chapters of this book and I see now we're four or five of my old friends have been able to view my videos I watch and my messages I sent even listen to my phone calls they even learned my password from ATT they know when and where I go tracking me constantly and I don't know how to stop them I'm not electronic smart but how do you prove something like that when they're 10 steps ahead of you and I'm just a single one man but you got three males and two females and they all know computers cell phones any kind of electronic device they've mastered it and I'm like and all any advice for this old fella or do I just need to get rid of all my electronics cell phone computer even my cordless phone I'll go down and take ass whooping and fight off I call me the Fantastic more that's a joke but they really are way of dance smarter than me the name Michael Skeen no names were given 

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Good every one must read this book for up dated knowledge in electronic one- By Shanmugasundaram of India dated 17.09.2015


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