Liquid Air and the Liquefaction of Gases: A Practical Work Giving the Entire History of the Liquefaction of Gases from the Earliest Times of Achievement to the Present Day ...

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Norman W. Henley publishing Company, 1919 - Gases - 394 pages
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Page 34 - Complete directions for making handkerchief perfumes smelling-salts sachets, fumigating pastilles; preparations for the care of the skin, the mouth, the hair, cosmetics...
Page 30 - D. Hiscox. This is a supplementary volume to the one upon mechanical movements. Unlike the first volume, which is more elementary^ in character, this volume contains illustrations and descriptions of many combinations of motions and of mechanical devices and appliances found in different lines of machinery, each device being shown by a line drawing with a description showing its working parts and the method of operation.
Page 10 - COMPRESSED AIR COMPRESSED AIR IN ALL ITS APPLICATIONS. By GARDNER D. Hiscox. This is the most complete book on the subject of Air that has ever been issued, and its thirtyfive chapters include about every phase of the subject one can think of. It may be called an encyclopedia of compressed air. It is written by an expert, who. in its 665 pages, has dealt with the subject in a comprehensive manner, no phase of it being omitted.
Page 20 - This book has been prepared with special reference to the generation of heat by the combustion of the common fuels found in the United States, and deals particularly with the conditions necessary to the economic and smokeless combustion of bituminous coal in Stationary and Locomotive Steam Boilers.
Page 31 - Chapters on Filing. Fitting and Scraping Surfaces ; on Drills, Reamers, Taps and Dies ; the Lathe and its Tools ; Planers, Shapers and their Tools ; Milling Machines and Cutters ; Gear Cutters and Gear Cutting...
Page 24 - O'CoNOR SLOANE. This book gives the history of the theory, discovery, and manufacture of Liquid Air, and contains an illustrated description of all the experiments that have excited the wonder of audiences all over the country. It shows how liquid air, like water, is carried hundreds of miles and is handled in open buckets. It tells what may be expected from it in the near future.
Page 9 - TRACTIVE POWER CHART. A chart whereby you can find the tractive power or drawbar pull of any locomotive without making a figure. Shows what cylinders are equal, how driving wheels and steam pressure affect the power.
Page 32 - ... thoroughly up-to-date, and that it embodies all the information which is necessary for the design and construction of the highest types of marine engines and boilers. It may be said that the motive power which Dr. Bauer has placed in the fast German liners that have been turned out of late years from the Stettin Works represent the very best practice in marine engineering of the present day.
Page 1 - He told us he had been thirty years employing his thoughts for the improvement of human life. He had two large rooms full of wonderful curiosities, and fifty men at work ; some were condensing air into a dry tangible substance, by extracting the nitre, and letting; the aqueous or fluid particles percolate ; others softening marble for pillows and pin-cushions ; others petrifying the hoofs of a living horse to preserve them from foundering.

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