The Spanish Settlements Within the Present Limits of the United States: Florida 1562-1574

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G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1905 - America - 500 pages
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Page 157 - Bringing soldiers and supplies for a fort which the King of France has in this country, and for many others which he soon will have.
Page 206 - When they submitted, their officers were knocked on the head; and every tenth man of the soldiers killed and the rest shipped for the Barbadoes.
Page 90 - Floridians haue a kinde of herbe dried, who with a cane and an earthen cup in the end, with fire, and the dried herbs put together, doe sucke thorow the cane the smoke thereof, which smoke satisfieth their hunger . . . and this all the Frenchmen vsed for this purpose: yet do they holde opinion withall, that it causeth water and fleame to void from their stomacks.
Page 213 - Spain, for it does not take more than forty days' sailing to come here, and usually as many more to return." Within two years Menendez had established a line of posts between Tampa Bay and Santa Elena (Port Royal) and had made an attempt to colonize Virginia. But this work had not been done without setbacks. Disease and the adventurer's dislike of manual labor — the same enemies that so nearly wrecked...
Page 30 - I note well that all that he did was upon a good intent; yet, in mine opinion, he should have had more regard unto his charge than to the devices of his own brain, which, sometimes, he printed in his head so deeply, that it was very hard to put them out...
Page 33 - Riuer" where Ribaut sets up the pillar on which " the Arms of France were carued and engraued. This being done hee embarked himself againe, to the ende always to discouer the coast toword the North which was his chiefe desire. After he had sayled a certaine time he crossed ouer to the other side of the riuer," evidently of the river already mentioned, where he is entertained by the Indians.
Page 90 - The Floridians when they travel have a kind of herb dried, who, with a cane and an earthen cup in the end, with fire and the dried herbs put together, do suck through the cane the smoke thereof, which smoke satisfieth their hunger and therewith they live four or five days without meat or drink.
Page 504 - While the great epic story of this exploration is given, the work contains also a descnption of the Trail at the present time, and thus are presented, both by pen and by picture, the strong contrasts between the country as seen by the intrepid explorers and the scenes which meet the eye of the traveller of to-day, journeying in safety and comfort. No other work emphasizes the importance of the Louisiana Purchase as fully as doe* this record of journeys made a century apart.
Page 200 - judging it to be necessary to the service of the Lord Our God, and of Your Majesty. And I think it a very great fortune that this man be dead ... he could do more in one year than another in ten; for he was the most experienced sailor and corsair known, very...
Page 55 - wee found the same crowned with crownes of Bay, and at the foote thereof many little baskets full of Mill," placed there probably as an offering to the mysterious emblem of the foreigners by the superstitious natives, for "when they came thither they kissed the same with great reuerence and besought vs to do the like, which we would notdenie them, to the ende that we might draw them to be more in friendship with vs.

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