Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible

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Penguin, 1997 - Sports & Recreation - 203 pages
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Most golfers approach the tee with a complex mental package: worries and judgments about their swing, the other person's swing, the course, the weather, looking good, looking bad. They think about what's wrong instead of what's possible, and this is what Extraordinary Golf teaches: the art of the possible. Drawing on his experience teaching both amateurs and professionals for more than fifteen years, in his clinics around the country, in his Golf in the Kingdom seminars at the Esalen Institute, and at his own School for Extraordinary Golf in California, Shoemaker shows how extraordinary golf can be coached, learned, and practiced, with results not only in people's scores but in their sheer pleasure in the game. Combining a host of practical exercises with an entirely new point of view, he demonstrates how to focus not on the voices in your head but on the reality of golf: the club, the ball, your body, the course - the elements that actually make up your game. He shows how to approach shots creatively, instead of mechanically; how to read greens simply by staying awake; how to develop a powerful and consistent swing by rediscovering trust for your instincts; and how to improve yourself in competition by determining what you're competing for. He also gives simple guidelines on how to coach yourself, your spouse, and your children successfully.

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www.ZoomBoomGolf.comImagine if you already have all of the power that you need
Imagine if it was as simple as just properly applying that power
Imagine if you could learn how to properly apply your power in a few swings a day
Imagine if it was truly that simple
Quit imagining, because this is where the Zoom Boom comes in.
What is a Zoom Boom and how will it help me as a golfer?
As you know the 5 hardest things to learn in the golf swing are: staying on plane, maintaining lag, releasing the club at the correct point, squaring the club face at impact, and finishing in a balanced position. In the past instructors have had to figure out ways to communicate all of this to you through various methods. And, many times you had wished that could just get that ‘feel’ what a golf swing was suppose to feel like. Well, now you can... it is easier than you might think; and it will take less than a minute.
At first you will be a little mystified, but after a couple of swings will know exactly what the Zoom Boom TM does. And you will be amazed by the feeling of Tri-Angular balancing in action.
The first time you experience the Zoom Boom TM you will notice how the weight helps you to stay on plane. You will feel the counter balancing in the grip which creates that elusive lag that will give you more power. You will observe how centrifugal force teaches you to release the club at the same point on each swing. You will see the two white balls squaring through impact, replicating exactly what you want your club face to be doing. Then you will notice how easy it is to finish the swing in perfect balance.
The Zoom Boom TM will help you ‘feel’ what a perfect swing feels like. This makes your learning process so much easier.
Will the Zoom Boom TM help with putting skills?
That’s easy to discover...all you have to do is place a ball on the ground, then watch the ball and use a putting motion above the ball with the Zoom Boom TM . What will you see as far as your head movement will be nothing, zero, zilch, absolutely nothing. You will be making a perfect putting motion.
Can the Zoom Boom TM teach me not to flip while chipping?
Get in a chipping position with the Zoom Boom’s big ball against the lead wrist, and then make the chipping motion. If the big ball comes off the wrist then you are flipping. If not, then you are chipping.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Zoom Boom TM is that it’s a perfect warm-up device. It weighs more than a traditional club and is ideal for loosening up. Every golfer, High handicap, Low handicap, Scratch or Pro, needs to warm up before a round or hitting balls on the range. You can swing the Zoom Boom TM to warm up and simultaneously not only get your muscles warmed up, but be making a proper swinging motion and building muscle memory as well. At this point your better prepared for your next round and to get more enjoyment out of your game.
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Fred Shoemaker, who began teaching golf in the seventies, is the founder of Extraordinary Golf®named one of Golf Magazine's "25 Best Golf Schools" in America. He lectures and conducts workshops around the world for such organizations as the PGA and the LPGA and for major corporations, including Apple Computer, Oracle, and Pfizer.

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