New piloting directions for the Mediterranean sea, the Adriatic, or Gulf of Venice, the Black sea, Grecian archipelago, and the seas of Marmara and Azof: written to accompany the new chart of the Mediterranean sea

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Page 110 - miles in length, like a chain of dark mountains ; while the waters near our Calabrian coast grew quite smooth, and, in an instant, appeared as one clear polished mirror, reclining against the ridge. On this glass was depicted, in
Page 252 - thronged with the devotees of Diana, are now ploughed over by the Ottoman serfs, or browsed upon by the sheep of the illiterate peasant. Once the head of the Apostolic Churches of Asia, it now contains not a single Christian within it. Its mouldering arches and dilapidated walls
Page 110 - a string of several thousands of pilasters, all equal in altitude, distance, and degree of light and shade. In a moment they lost half their height, and bent into arcades,
Page 321 - From Syria to the Archipelago there is a constant current to the westward, slightly felt at sea, but very perceptible along the shore, on a part of which it runs with considerable velocity
Page 110 - smooth, the tide at its height, and the waters pressed up by currents to a great elevation in the middle of the channel. All these events coinciding, so soon as the sun surmounts the eastern hills behind
Page 16 - being about half a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in breadth ; it is surrounded by
Page 128 - recedes again with equal velocity, disturbing the mud, tearing up the sea-weed, and occasioning a noisome effluvia: during its continuance the fish float quite helpless on the turbid surface, and are easily taken. These rapid changes generally continue from
Page 110 - Roman aqueducts. A long cornice was next formed on the top, and above it rose castles innumerable, all perfectly alike. These soon split into towers, which were shortly
Page 365 - he saw a thick smoke rise incessantly from the same point, before which he arrived on the 16th, on his return from Girgenti. A new spectacle was then presented to him, namely a tract of land, of the same circumference as that of the mass of water which he had remarked in his first passage. This island (which
Page 249 - Halicarnassus ; and a more inviting or convenient situation could hardly have been selected for the capital of the kingdom of Caria. It rises gently from the head of a deep bay, and commands a view of the Island of Cos, and the southern shore of the Ceramic Gulf

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