A Course in Descriptive Geometry and Photogrammetry for the Mathematical Laboratory

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G. Bell & Sons, Limited, 1915 - Geometry, Descriptive - 79 pages
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Page 14 - la theorie et la pratique de la coupe des pierres et des bois, ou traite de stereotomie, Strasbourg 1738 & 39; nouvelle (2.) Edition, Paris, 1. 1. 1754, t. II. 1768, t. III. 1769)".
Page 18 - If a line is perpendicular to a plane the projections of the line are perpendicular to the traces of the plane, the plan to the horizontal trace and the elevation to the vertical trace.
Page 20 - To pass a plane through a given point parallel to a given plane. Since the required plane is to be parallel to the given plane...
Page 2 - The invention of the pointed bowtell, contemporaneously with the pointed arch, opened the way to a great number of new forms, all more or less referable to this common origin, and all used with the most refined taste in varying the members of complex Early English groupings.
Page 35 - If a, b, c are the sides of a spherical triangle and a', b' , c' the corresponding sides of the polar triangle, if a>b>c, then a' <b' <c
Page 15 - From the Middle Ages to the end of the seventeenth century the...
Page 35 - ... cos y — cos a cos ft — sin a sin ft cos c. For, let a', b', c',. a', ft
Page 65 - The 217 kaleidoscope is an optical toy, invented by Sir David Brewster. It consists of a tube containing two glass plates, extending along its whole length, and inclined at an angle of 60. One end of the...
Page 24 - To find the point of intersection of a given line and a given plane.
Page 18 - The horizontal projection of the line is perpendicular to the horizontal trace of the plane.

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