Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society, Volume 5

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Rhode Island Historical Society., 1902 - Rhode Island

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Page 20 - ... price of labour in general, which at this time of distress, unless a speedy and effectual stop be put thereto, will be attended with the most fatal and pernicious consequences, as it not only disheartens and disaffects the soldiers who have nobly entered into service for the best of causes, by obliging them to give such unreasonable prices for those things that are absolutely needful for their very...
Page 79 - The inhabitants are of a mixed kind, consisting of many sects and subdivisions of sects. Here are four sorts of anabaptists, besides presbyterians, quakers, independents, and many of no profession at all.
Page 80 - ... State which might otherwise appear inconsistent. The Aquedneck settlements for many years increasd more rapidly than those on the main land. The accessions appear to have been, for the most part, from a superior class in point of education and social standing, which for more than a century secured to them a controlling influence in the colony. Many of the leading men were more imbued with the Puritan spirit, acquired by their longer residence in Massachusetts, which sympathized somewhat more...
Page 74 - The age of painting and sculpture has not yet arrived in this country, and I hope it will not arrive very soon. Artists have done what they could with my face and eyes, head and shoulders, stature and figure, and they have made them monsters fit for exhibition as harlequin or clown.
Page 95 - Feake, a painter, the most extraordinary genius ever I knew, for he does pictures tolerably well by the force of genius, having never had any teaching. . . . This man had exactly the phiz of a painter, having a long pale face, sharp nose, large eyes,— with which he looked upon you steadfastly,— and long curled black hair, a delicate white hand, and long fingers.
Page 70 - Society. New England Society in the City of New York. New Hampshire Historical Society. New Haven Colony Historical Society. New Jersey Historical Society. New York Academy of Sciences.
Page 18 - I cither saw myself, or learned from others of whom I made the most careful and particular inquiry.
Page 22 - Colony to 1850. Also, all officers in Revolutionary War, appointed by Continental Congress, and in the regular army and navy from Rhode Island, to 1850, including volunteer officers in the War of 1812 and Mexican war.
Page 77 - The island of Rhode Island, from its salubrity and surpassing beauty, before the Revolutionary war so sadly defaced it, was the chosen resort of the rich and philosophic from nearly all parts of the civilized world. In no spot of the thirteen, or, rather, twelve colonies, was there concentrated more individual opulence, learning, and liberal leisure.
Page 63 - When that gun was fired from the shores of Charleston harbor against the flag of his country, he was eager to enlist in the cause of the Union, but it was not until August 27, 1861, that he entered the service, being then commissioned first lieutenant of Company D, Third Rhode Island Regiment Heavy Artillery. A few weeks later, while with this command at Fort Hamilton, NY, he was promoted to a captaincy and assigned to Company H.

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