The Chronicles of Don Q.

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J.B. Lippincott, 1904 - 313 pages
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Page 320 - The Mighty Atom* can scarcely fail in accomplishing a vast amount of good. It should be on the shelves of every public library in England and America. Marie Corelli has many remarkable qualities as a writer of fiction. Her style is singularly clear and alert, and she is the most independent of thinkers and authors of fiction ; but her principal gift is an imagination which rises on a bold and easy wing to the highest heaven of invention.
Page 67 - As he retreated, he stumbled against the little table, and the chink of the phials that stood upon it was audible. " Is that you, my good Annetta ? " said the voice of the duke. The duke was in the act of raising a glass of wine to his lips. He laid it hastily down, and his keen eyes darted fire at the intruder. " What means this ? " asked he, in a voice that was somewhat uncertain. " If I may he permitted to interpret what I see before me," replied Eugene, " I should say that your highness is merely...
Page 318 - Cloth, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. " The strongest novel that the present season has produced. ; Pall Mall Gazette, London. " Wonderful and terrible ; wonderful in its intellectual effect terrible for the intensity of feeling effects. ' ' — Boston Courier. "One of the uniquely interesting stories of the year.
Page 317 - The book that reminds one of Anna Katherine Green in her palmiest days. . . . Keeps the reader on the alert, defies the efforts of those who read backwards, deserves the applause of all who like mystery.
Page 190 - TOIX how grateful I am for all the kindness you have shown me. The great task, however, confided to the allied armies is still to be accomplished, and we have to contend against the difficulties of the season, and many others too numerous to trouble you with. Believe me, with every good wish, My dear Croker, very faithfully yours, Lord Lomdale to Mr.
Page 318 - A psychological study of extraordinary power, revealing the fineness of George Moore's literary methods." — Philadelphia Press. ' ' Absorbing to the end as a narrative, ' Sister Teresa ' is also a remarkable exhibit of finished thought and skill.
Page 315 - Decorated cloth, $1.50. BREACHLEY— BLACK SHEEP. By LOUIS BECKE. Mr. Becke's work is stamped by vigor of expression and an intensely dramatic imagination. Breachley is the most capable and in many respects the most interesting of his books.
Page 317 - ... North American, Philadelphia. "It is a thrilling story of crime and intrigue, entirely free from brutality of thought or coarseness of expression. The author has fine command of language and the faculty of leaving just enough unsaid to keep interest at the highest pitch." — Chicago Tribune. "The reader will be a good guesser, indeed, if he solves this mystery story before the author does it for him. A pleasant love interest runs through the pages.
Page 105 - Guard kept alive his interest in preserving his own life, since they were always trying to take it. The guardia civile is a picked corps of military police, who possess a manual containing one of the most remarkable and noble codes of regulations the world has ever seen. Part I. opens with the following sentence : " Honour must be the chief object of the Civil Guard, and it must be preserved spotless and intact.
Page 319 - The most effective realistic novel of a decade."—PROFESSOR GUY CARLETON LEE. "The book is written with insight, sincerity of purpose, and rugged virility."—The New York Commercial Advertiser. " One of the most powerful and sustained stories read in many months."—DR. HARRY THURSTON PECK. "A novel of unusual power, brilliant, and full of insight into character. It is a book to read."—Detroit Free Press. THE ISSUE By GEORGE MORGAN With frontispiece and five drawings by GEORGE A.

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