The Bank Tragedy: A Novel

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Welch, Fracker, 1890 - American fiction - 427 pages

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Page 234 - You shall well and truly try and true deliverance make between our sovereign lord the King" (or the State or People, or the United States, as the case may be,) " and the prisoner at the bar, whom you shall have in charge, according to your evidence. So help you God.
Page 35 - B , at the hour of , then and there to inquire upon the view of the body of there lying dead, how and in what manner he came to his death.
Page 38 - You do solemnly swear that the testimony which you shall give to this inquest, concerning the death of the person here lying dead , shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help you God.
Page 380 - Quicksands" the key-note is ambition and other " sins which do so easily beset." In "The Bank Tragedy " it is inherited sin. Warren, in his confession, is made to say, — " I am what I am through the force of inherited traits. If I might preach in yonder pulpit I would say, ' See to it that your deeds and thoughts are what they should be, for they will strike root somewhere. If not in yourself, then in the person of your 174 175 children or your children's children.
Page 272 - ... dirge; and when the foreman laid upon the table the fatal brass unicorn, the muffled sound seemed ominous as the grating of a coffin lowered upon the cross bars of a gaping grave. As the roll was called, each man rose, and answered in a low but distinct tone. Then the clerk of the court asked: "Gentlemen of the jury, have you agreed upon your verdict?" "We have,
Page 35 - Clerk. (LS) State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss. To Josiah Stowell Collector of Taxes for the Town of Manchester in said county for the year 1835. Greeting In the name of the State of New Hampshire you are hereby required to levy and collect of the several persons named in the list of Taxes herewith committed to you the several sums set against their names respectively, the same being a list of the assessment of the State County Town School and Highway Taxes for the year 1835, upon the improved...
Page 209 - ... Occam's Razor," because there is no logical means for distinguishing values. In essence, "Of two logically self-consistent systems, each of which concerns the same set of data, pick the simpler." The experimental fact — and experiments, remember, are not logic; they're pragmatic — is that I do not have as much right to my opinion as you have to yours — if yours works and mine doesn't!
Page 35 - That the constable to whom such warrant shall be directed and delivered shall forthwith execute the same, and shall, at the time mentioned in the warrant...
Page 381 - ... what they should be, for they will strike root somewhere. If not in yourself, then in the person of your 174 175 children or your children's children.' ... I once heard an idiotic preacher say that the soul of every child was like a fair white sheet of paper, on which you could trace what characters you liked. I wanted to shout out a denial. I wanted to say that the paper was already written over, laced and interlaced, as ladies write their letters, by the thoughts and deeds of a million ancestors....
Page 143 - She put up her hand as if to ward off a blow too late, and drew a long, pained breath. ' I do not feel like a stranger,' she said in a low, hurt tone.

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