History of the James River and Kanawha Company

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Columbia University, 1922 - James River and Kanawha Canal - 251 pages
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Page 25 - The western States (I speak now from my own observation) stand as it were upon a pivot. The touch of a feather would turn them any way.
Page 23 - It has long been my decided opinion, that the shortest, easiest, and least expensive communication with the invaluable and extensive country back of us would be by one or both of the rivers of this State, which have their sources in the Apalachian mountains.
Page 24 - I need not remark to you, sir,' said he in his letter to the Governor of Virginia, ' that the flanks and rear of the United States are possessed by other powers, and formidable ones too...
Page 10 - University scholarships of $150 each are awarded to applicants who give evidence of special fitness to pursue advanced studies. Several prizes of from 50 to $250 are awarded.
Page 10 - Council. (For particulars, see Columbia University Bulletins of Information, Faculty of Political Science.) Any person not a candidate for a degree may attend any of the courses at any time by payment of a proportional fee.
Page 25 - I think for themselves, threw difficulties in their way ; and they looked that way for no other reason, than because they could glide gently down the stream ; without considering, perhaps, the difficulties of the voyage back again, and the time necessary to perform it in ; and because they have no other means of coming to us but by long land transportations and unimproved roads.
Page 27 - I know not ; but, from the nature of the country, it must be very considerable. How much the interest and feelings of people thus circumstanced would be engaged to promote it, requires no illustration. For my own part, I think it highly probable, that, upon the strictest scrutiny, if the Falls of the Great...
Page 24 - For what ties, let me ask, should we have upon those people ? How entirely unconnected with them shall we be, and what troubles may we not apprehend, if the Spaniards on their right, and Great Britain on their left, instead of throwing stumbling blocks in their way, as they now do, should hold out lures for their trade and alliance...
Page 26 - The navigation of the Ohio being well known, they will have less to do in the examination of it ; but, nevertheless, let the courses and distances be taken to the mouth of the Muskingum, and up that river (notwithstanding it is in the ceded lands) to the carrying-place to the Cayahoga; down the Cayahoga to Lake Erie; and thence to Detroit.
Page 228 - States it secures a greater return for their labor; to the inhabitants of the seaboard it affords cheaper food; to the nation, an increase in the annual surplus of wealth. It is hoped that the Government of Great Britain will see the justice of abandoning the narrow and inconsistent...