Henry Fielding als Humorist

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Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 1900 - 92 pages

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Page 39 - is, any good man, that had such a mother, would have done exactly the same. I know you are only joking with me; but indeed, madam, though I was never at a play in London, yet I have seen acting before in the country; and the king for my money; he
Page 11 - firmament before him, as harbingers preceding his pomp, in the full blaze of his majesty rose the sun, than which one object alone in this lower creation could be more glorious, and that Mr. Allworthy himself presented — a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he might render himself most acceptable to his Creator, by
Page 35 - Reader, I think proper, before we proceed any farther together, to acquaint thee that I intend to digress, through this whole history, as often as I see occasion, of which I am myself a better judge than any pitiful critic whatever; and here I must desire all those critics to mind their own business,
Page 14 - I declare here, once for all, I describe not men, but manners; not an individual, but a species. Perhaps it will be answered, Are not the characters then taken from life? To which 1 answer in the affirmative; nay, I believe I might aver that I have
Page 37 - Vice hath not, I believe, a more abject slave; society produces not a more odious vermin; nor can the devil receive a guest more worthy of him, nor possibly more welcome to him, than a slanderer. The world, I am afraid, regards not this monster with half the abhorrence which he deserves.
Page 21 - of this land are not so vulgar to permit a mean fellow to contend with one of your ladyship's fortune.* Wie Scout bereit ist, alles für die lady zu thun, so ist Dowling ein gefügiges Werkzeug in Blifils hand. Nicht besser als Scout, der überhaupt kein jurist ist, ist der friedensrichter Frolick, von dem jener sagt:
Page 19 - some few imperfections in his magistratical capacity. I own I have been sometimes inclined to think that this office of a justice of peace requires some knowledge of the law. . . I cannot conceive how this knowledge should be acquired without reading; and yet certain it is, Mr. Thrasher never read a syllable of the matter.
Page 16 - I ask pardon for this short appearance, by way of chorus, on the stage. It is in reality for my own sake, that, while I am discovering the rocks on which innocence and goodness often split, I may not be misunderstood to recommend the very means to my worthy readers, by which I intend to show them
Page 16 - religion); and which do, indeed, alone purify and ennoble the heart of man, and raise him above the brute creation. This, reader, I will venture to say (and by how much the better man you are yourself, by so much the more will you be inclined to believe me), that I would rather
Page 81 - was so far from regretting want of beauty, that she never mentioned that perfection, if it can be called one, without contempt; and would often thank God she was not as handsome as Miss Such-a-one, whom perhaps beauty had led into errors which she might have otherwise avoided. Miss Bridget Allworthy

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