The British Chess Magazine, Volume 17

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Trubner & Company, 1897 - Chess
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Page 112 - I. The History, Antiquities and Curiosities of the Game. II. Easy Lessons in Chess, illustrative.' of the various Openings, analyzed and explained. III. Chess Problems, or, Ends of Games won or drawn by brilliant and scientific Moves.
Page 13 - This is now confirmed by a recent "remarkable discovery in Egypt," as the Pall Mall Gazette styles it in its issue of Oct. 2ist. The remarkable discovery is as follows: ancient Indians had invented chess; that it was introduced from India to Persia in the sixth century; and that by the Arabs, and in consequence of the Crusades, it spread from East to West. It is true the Chinese — who invented many things in times long gone by which had...
Page 196 - Can such things be, And overcome us like a summer cloud, Without our special wonder?
Page 310 - At the hour fixed for adjournment, the player whose turn it is to move must deliver his next move in writing, in a closed envelope, to the member of the playing committee present. Such...
Page 331 - III. 1 P— K 4 P— K 4 2 Kt— KB 3 Kt— QB 3 3 P— Q4 PxP 4 B— B 4 B— B 4 Letting the Pawn stay — the Scotch Gambit.
Page 312 - ... two pieces — one of the pieces in this case giving check by discovery. " Perpetual check " occurs when one player, seeing that he cannot win the game, finds the men so placed that he can give check ad iitjlnitum, while his adversary cannot possibly avoid it.
Page 13 - Sakkara, which have brought to light a wall painting, on which a high official is represented as playing chess with a partner at the time of the government of King Teta, who belonged to the sixth dynasty. Professor Lepsius formerly assigned the reign of that monarch to about the year 2700 BC Professor Brugsch, correcting this chronology, puts it back to still greater antiquity, namely, to the year 3300 BC, so that chess would have been known in the once mysterious land of Mizraim something like 5200...
Page 202 - For ordinary play, as well as for sea or railway use, this set has obvious advantages not possessed by any other hitherto offered to the public. PRICES. 9 inch polished mahogany board, with bone men complete, in leather case...

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